Content Marketing Hints and Tips

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Content marketing, since the introduction of the Google Panda algorithm, has been considered one of the most important digital marketing techniques.

Creating shareable content that becomes ‘viral’ is the ultimate goal, as it improves brand awareness, social media presence, site traffic and backlinks.

Here are 5 content marketing hints and tips courtesy of Eyeweb:

1. Do your research, then answer a question with your content

Content marketing is all about being unique and, the easiest way of doing this is to answer a question that nobody else has. If you are trying to find the answer to a question, there is a high probability that others are also asking the same question. Create a piece of content answering the question and you are likely to attract site visitors. 

2. Use visualisations and mediacontent marketing ideas

Not only does Google love the use of images, videos and sound, your audience does too. If your piece of content is a tutorial on how to change a light bulb, a video would be much more effective than a sound clip. Think about your target audience as well as the message you are trying to put across and then create something unique that hasn’t been done before. 

3. Use social media 

The emergence of social media and the vast number of users has made the opportunity to have content go viral much greater. However, it also means it has become a much more competitive industry.

Creating an incredible piece of content is only half the job; making sure people see it is crucial, otherwise the content is somewhat pointless. Make sure you post and advertise the content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… anywhere that you have a following. You can also make your content easier to share by including social share buttons.

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Finally, spend some money experimenting with paid social advertising. For as little as £3.00 per day, you can boost your social post to a specific target audience, to ensure that more and more people are seeing your content. 

4. Optimise your content for search engines 

While you can use social media to post your content and encourage sharing, you also want to appeal to organic traffic, including the people that are asking the question you are trying to answer. Using SEO and keyword targeting, you can optimise the content to ensure it ranks highly in the search engine results page, increasing the likelihood of it being found and shared.

5. Consider your target audience 

When creating your content, it is essential to think about your target audience and consider the type of content they would like to see. If it isn’t appealing to your target audience, the likelihood of it being shared and increasing your website traffic is slim. 

Take these 3 things into account when considering your audience: 

  • How technical should the content be – using extremely technical jargon will only appeal to experts within the industry that you are targeting. 
  • Demographics – Does the content need to be available with a built-in translator to appeal to users around the world? Is the content aimed at children and therefore lots of colours and images should be used?
  • Make it relatable – As you are targeting a specific audience, ensure that the content remains relevant. Use real life, industry-specific anecdotes, links to related websites and information, and media that helps to promote your message. 


Creating content that goes viral is extremely difficult. There are so many different factors that determine whether the content is worthy of being shared by thousands of people. Creating the content is one thing, but promoting it is often an uphill battle. 

Follow the hints and tips we have provided – Research the industry and the target audience, use media and social links within the content and use social media and SEO to promote it. Combined, you should be provided with the foundations to create a viral piece of content.


Date Published: 27/05/15