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Google Primer is an iPhone and Android app created by Google, which gives short, 5-minute presentations containing marketing advice and information. The innovative app claims you can ‘fit a lesson in anywhere’, providing you with ‘bite-sized lessons whenever you have 5 minutes free'. Eyeweb put this claim to the test; exploring the app’s interface, usability, design and content. Most importantly, would Primer provide a successful marketing service where other apps have previously failed?

User interface

Let's start off with how beautiful both the website and the app look. Using striking colours, bold imagery and a colour varying parallax, the website is stunning and leaves you intrigued by what the Primer app can provide.


Google primer desktop


Upon downloading the app, you are greeted with a simplistic design that represents the website’s colour scheme and easy usability.



Scrolling through the app has a somewhat satisfying feel, using a small vertical swipe to browse through the different marketing presentations.

Thus far, I was extremely satisfied with the design and usability. However, it was upon opening and cruising through a presentation that was really, really quite impressive.

The presentations

Being in the SEO field myself, it was a featured SEO presentation that caught my eye. Having clicked on the article named ‘Appeal to Searchers and Search Engines with SEO’, I was told the presentation should take around 5 minutes to complete, and it contains 3 ‘activities’.


SEO presentation on Primer


Having opened the presentation and viewing the screenshot above, my first criticism of the app arose – I wasn’t sure what to do or to move onto the next slide?

It only took seconds to work out, but some form of instruction such as ‘swipe right’ would have been beneficial.

However, once I realised, I was again left amazed by the user interface and beauty in which you moved from one slide to the next; swiping right to left to proceed through the presentation, and left to right to return to the previous slide.


sliding through Primer


Each slide contained a different piece of information (like you would expect in any presentation). Generally, there was a nicely designed, relevant icon at the top of each page, followed by a small snippet of text.

The text was well written and generally gave a sufficient amount of information regarding SEO. I wouldn’t say you could learn everything you needed to know the basics of SEO and what it is, but it provided adequate information for beginners to understand the SEO process.

My first activity…

Having been told I would be taking part in 3 activities throughout the presentation, I was pretty confused about what this meant. I clicked on the activity with much intrigue.


first primer activity


Upon entering Primer’s first activity, I was again greeted by a beautifully designed page, with the pastille-like colour scheme tying in with the desktop website.


homepage of first primer activity


The activity was a drag and drop game, in which a white sticky note of information had to be placed in either the ‘SEO’ box or the ‘SEM’ box. The task was fairly straightforward, but it made you think, and the user experience was very pleasant, highlighting a correct answer in blue, and an incorrect answer in red.


answers for activity


Once I had completed the task, it gave me an explanation of SEM and SEO, and a button to proceed with the presentation. I particularly liked the learning process used here. Much like in primary school, pupils would complete a relevant activity and then be given an explanation. The Primer app suddenly took on a very educational feel, and I could feel the benefit of the activity I just completed. 


The final activity

Having scrolled through the rest of the informative slides and another activity, I arrived at the final activity of the SEO presentation. It asked me to do the following:


instructions for SEO primer activity


I entered the activity and was greeted by instructional pages, which asked me to insert relevant data were necessary.


first seo instruction   second seo instruction   third seo instruction   fourth seo instruction


Having filled in the six instructional pages, I was pleasantly blown away by the result:




The Primer app displayed the information I entered, but as HTML code, highlighting exactly how it should look in the back end of the Eyeweb site. It also provided a snippet of how the HTML code would be displayed in the Google search results page.

I was extremely impressed with this feature and the technology behind such a simple process. This activity, plus the activities already completed, left me feeling extremely satisfied with the app and this particular presentation. Better still, it provided me with a snippet of HTML code I could use on the Eyeweb website. Almost like a reward for using the Primer app and completing a presentation.

After exploring the app further, I realised the SEO activities were not the only innovative features. From ‘True or False’ games to jigsaw puzzles, not only does the app provide you with relevant marketing information in exciting new ways, it is entertaining too.


If you haven’t realised by now, I was extremely impressed with the Primer app. The design, the functionality, the user experience were all beautiful, and the information in the different slides and the regular activities to do throughout kept the app interesting at all times.

In the past, I have often found myself downloading apps and deleting them within 24 hours, especially educational ones. However, I really do believe the Google Primer achieves it’s goal – to provide you with 5-minute presentations full of important marketing information. It is an app I will use for pleasure whenever I have 5 minutes spare.


You can check out the Primer website here



Date Published: 17/09/15