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Key digital marketing trends for 2021

The world of digital marketing moves fast. To ensure you are equipped with the knowledge you need to fuel your marketing strategy, here are some of the latest trends to look out for.

The drive to go digital isn’t going anywhere

The unprecedented nature of 2020 prompted many businesses across many industries to go digital. Moving forward, it is unlikely that this shift will stop, particularly as so many businesses have been driving significant success from the creation of engaging digital experiences that are different from traditional sales messaging. Digital audiences are also more engaged than ever before, which is why continuing to invest in your social profiles is going to be key for businesses looking to secure growth and drive additional sales this year.

Invest in digital marketing services that understand user experience (UX)

Far more than just a buzzword, UX is something that can’t be overlooked. It is an integral component of effective search engine optimisation (SEO); for example, it was revealed in May 2020 that Google takes a selection of UX signals into account when organising search engine results pages (SERPs).

If you are looking to give your digital strategy a boost throughout 2021 or are starting to look to the digital sphere to help you achieve a set of clearly defined business objectives, partnering with a team offering dedicated digital marketing services can help you to carefully channel your investment to drive the best possible outcomes. In terms of optimising your UX, there are a variety of steps you can take. These include ensuring your navigational structures are inherently user-friendly, maximising accessibility across a variety of devices, and boosting page loading times.

Prioritising search intent

Throughout 2021, marketers and businesses with a deep and inherent understanding of the intent that sits behind each search will achieve more prominent ranking positions in SERPs. This knowledge will help teams to create engaging content that keenly satisfies these search motivations and has the ability to effectively nurture purchasing decisions. This content will also deftly include keyword modifiers that appeal to a particular type of search intent, whether local, transactional, informational or commercial.

A different approach to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

PPC advertising certainly isn’t going anywhere, but the ways in which marketers put together campaigns is set to look a bit different. Efficiency is integral to the success of a PPC campaign and marketers should be prepared to incorporate automation technology into their workflow moving forward. Some insiders are forecasting that things such as manual bidding will cease to exist in the not so distant future. Regardless of whether this is something that transpires, the fact remains that if you are not automating the most time-consuming PPC processes, you are almost certainly losing out to a competitor brand that is.

2020 showed us just how important it is to remain agile. Investing in innovative digital marketing services will continue to serve businesses throughout 2021 and beyond.