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Small Business Grants & SME Growth Funds

If you’re a startup or SME, there’s a good chance you could be eligible for Government business start up funding or a grant to help your growth and development. There are several Government grants for small business start ups available, each with their own purposes and set of eligibility requirements. One of the recent funds introduced within the Humber region is the ‘ICT for Growth’ grant. In this blog, we’ll take a look at ICT for Growth and discuss what it is, who it’s for and some potential use cases.


What is ICT for Growth?

This scheme aims to help local businesses and startups set themselves up with proper IT infrastructure to reduce the barrier to entry for new businesses. It will allow SMEs to speed up their processes making IT and communication more efficient. It also focuses on the environment, providing support for eco-friendly IT solutions.



Who is eligible?

There aren’t a great deal of eligibility requirements, afterall, the aim is to help businesses and accept as many as possible to promote growth in the local area. Here’s the basic requirements to be accepted for an ICT for Growth grant, you must;

  • Be situated and operating in the Humber region.

  • Have fewer than 250 current full-time employees.

  • Not turnover more than €50m or have a balance sheet of less than €43m.

  • Be a new business, which has been registered in the last 12 months.

  • Be a part of the ERDF eligible sector, this excludes local and retail services.


What benefits are available to you?

The grant can be used for many purposes, all of which IT infrastructure and web-related, here are some potential use cases;

  • For startups or those with poorly performing internet, the funding can be used to provide high speed internet. This promises 30mbps speeds or more, and all of the equipment needed to support that, including WiFi routers and even the first 12 months of contract costs.

  • If you’re looking to secure your data, this funding can be used to install and implement IT backup systems to keep your digital information secure.

  • Those that require specialist software for their business practices, can use the funding to purchase them. This includes things such as Microsoft Office, Accounting software, photo-editing programs and more.

  • For the purchasing of a computer or laptop, however, this is limited to one.

  • The funding can be used for the design and development of your first website or ecommerce shop. It can also be used to pay the first year of hosting and the domain name you choose.

  • It can be used for digital marketing purposes including pay-per-click services and search engine optimisation.

  • Purchasing of a printer for use with documents and alike.

There are many other reasons that funding may be granted which haven’t been listed above, you can contact a team member of the Humber Business Growth Hub to check if you’ll be eligible.

What’s next?

We’ve worked with several Government funded projects in the past and have experience in working with small to large businesses that have applied for funding. If you’d like to start your project with Eyeweb, we’re able to produce bespoke CRMs, websites and branding solutions that meet the requirements of each funding option. With extensive experience and access to all the latest technology, we’ll deliver the right technical solutions required to meet the online requirements of your business.


For additional information, or to arrange a free, no obligation web design and development consultation, please get in touch by calling 01482 628830, or by emailing hello@eyeweb.co.uk today.