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We Combine Powerful Web Design with Engaging Content

An eye-catching website with strong web design integrated throughout is the first step to driving relevant traffic, gaining promising leads and turning idle curiosity into valuable custom. To ensure that your website continues to deliver these results, engaging digital content is crucial. Whether it’s blogs, case studies, videos or anything else, this content should immediately grab the attention of your target audience and encourage them to find out more.

When done well, digital content will increase your website’s visibility in search engines, attract a larger number and higher quality of visitors, and bring a much stronger return on investment.

Online content begins with research

Many content creators start off by researching topics, but there’s actually an important step that comes before this. Keywords and search intent should shape the style and format of your content, so these need to be determined before anything else.

Whilst keywords cover the language people use when searching for your type of services, search intent is the motive behind the query, such as to learn, explore options or immediately make a purchase. By using this research to influence your ongoing content strategy, every piece of content will align with the mission of your overall web design.

Your content should be relevant and relatable

Every piece of content you share on your website should have a clear purpose. By helping your audience to complete one specific task (such as understanding a topic, discovering the benefits of a service or taking advantage of a special offer), your content has a very clear function that can be effectively monitored, weighed and assessed.

Every webpage requires a call to action

When a website is created around the fundamentals of good web design, it’s very easy to navigate and explore. Similarly, a piece of content that flows well takes the visitor on a journey of your choosing. For instance, it may educate them in the basics of your industry or explain how your services can solve particular problems they’re likely to encounter. The piece should then end with a clear call to action, which could be to get in touch, sign up to a newsletter, download a brochure, follow you on social media, book a consultation, or anything else that will fuel your lead generation engine.

Web design and digital content love metadata

Creating engaging content that people want to consume is just half of the web design and SEO process, as you also need to cater to search engine crawlers. These automatic programmes scan the page for vital information, which then allows the search engine to accurately categorise your site and deliver it to people searching for that particular type of content.

This data includes the meta title, description, alt image text and other information hidden in the code. If this is left out, even the most articulate blog post or visually stunning video won’t receive anywhere near as much traffic as it deserves.

Web design and content creation for small businesses

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