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Web Design Trends for 2018

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Author: Chris

Web design is constantly evolving – and for businesses that want to stay relevant, it’s important to keep up.

An out of date website sends out all the wrong messages, with the potential to hold your business back online. In this post, we explore our top 7 emerging design trends for the year ahead – great inspiration if you’re planning on updating your website over the year ahead.


  • Typography as part of the design


Using expressive typography as a core design element will become increasingly popular this year. From using bold and dynamic typography for menus, to integrating typography with visual elements on the page, typography will become integral to website design in 2018.

The benefits of this aren’t just visual. Typography has less of an impact on the performance of websites than images, an important factor in an increasingly mobile-focused world.


  • Unframed layouts


Replacing traditional framed designs with large images or patterns began to become popular in 2017, and we expect to see this trend to continue over the coming year.

It can work really well for lifestyle focused brands, and it’s great for providing a sense of contemporary sophistication – with plenty of clean, airy and uncluttered space.


  • Asymmetry


Over the past few years, web design in Hull has been dominated by even, symmetrical blocks, but this is now changing. In 2018, asymmetrical designs, with broken grids and overlapping blocks of different sizes will be increasingly popular.

Breaking out from the organised, predictable designs of the past few years, it’s a good way of providing some interest and differentiating brands from the competition.


  • Monochrome and duotone


Monochrome and duotone colour palettes are definitely on trend. More minimalist monochrome designs can be an excellent option for sites that focus on the functionality. They tend to be clean, modern and easy to use.

Duotone was big in 2017, but we don’t think it’s going anywhere. Big brands have embraced more colourful duotone designs, and it has a distinctive, contemporary style that works for a lot of industries.


  • Expressive colours


Forget harmonious, muted colours – 2017 saw a move towards bright, contrasting and expressive tones, and they will continue to be big in 2018.

It’s something that can work for businesses in a range of different industries, but when using brighter colours, it’s about striking the right balance. The difference between a colourful, impactful, eye-catching design and a brash eyesore can be fairly small!


  • Retro inspired design


We’re seeing throwbacks to 80s and 90s design elements creeping into more and more website designs. From tongue in cheek, self-aware websites that look like they were made in the 90s, to more-subtle elements, colour palettes, typography and shapes, retro is back.

Retro-modern will also be big, combining sleek, modern imagery with vintage and retro inspired colour palettes and typography.


  • Split page design


Hero images have become really popular, and in 2018, we expect this trend to develop through the use of vertical split page design.

Using contrasting images and colours in this way is a really versatile tool that can be used in a variety of ways. From showcasing different products, messages and features, to question/answer style formats, you’ll see a lot of it over the next 12 months.

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Date Published: 22/01/18