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Pay to appear at the top of Google

Your website is a powerful marketing tool in itself whilst introducing users to your site is essential if it is to succeed. With a tailored PPC campaign, you can be guaranteed that your website is being seen by your target audience and increasing site visits from potential customers.

The key to a successful pay per click campaign lies in the detail, and with Eyeweb, no stone goes unturned. In-depth keyword research identifies the words and phrases that get your adverts found and encourages your target audience to choose your advert over the competition.

Ongoing management and maintenance ensure that your budget is always being spent wisely, aiming to bring you the best possible return on your investment.

Pay Per Click elements

  • Immediately start advertising directly to your target audience
  • You only pay when a user is interested and clicks on your listings advert
  • Set your own daily budget and never pay a penny more to Google
  • Complete campaign management ensures adjustments are constantly made to provide the best results
  • Live stats and monthly reports ensure you can examine the success of your PPC campaign

Display Advertising & Retarget Marketing

With millions of users on Google and the web everyday, images are more important than ever. People, more and more, are simply skimming the info in front of them, so how do you stand out? Display advertising of course. It doesn't stop there though. You need to have striking and creative adverts that really catch your target audiences eye. Then there is the important question of who you want seeing the ads. What are they interested in? How old are they? Where are they? The questions can be endless when it comes to creating your ad goals. And what about the designing of the ads themselves? This is where Eyeweb steps in. 

As we mentioned above, success of an ad campaign relies on the detail. Ever visit a site looking for a particular item or service and suddenly you start seeing it on every website you visit afterwards? THAT is Retarget Marketing and I'm guessing that is why you are here. You want that to be your ad and yes, we can help with that. We take your advertising goals in our hands and develop them in to unique and prosperous advertisements that convert. 

Limited by budget? All Display Ad Campaigns are included in your AdWords Campaigns and usually cost as little as 10p/click! In fact most of our clients find that they end up spending less to include display advertising and their advertising costs go down all the while their conversions go up. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for one of our AdWords Campaigns and start getting your name in front of more customers today. 




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