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Umbee Hosting

Established in 2009, Umbee is a Hosting Company that really cares about customer support - delivering real value without compromising on quality. They own and operate our high-end hardware and have rack footprints in 3 UK data-centres and 2 in the USA. Satisfied customers continue to choose them because of their desire, passion and motivation to deliver reliable services.

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Project Brief

Marlon Davids, the owner of Umbee Hosting, chose Eyeweb to create a website that would show off their various hosting services. It allows customers to indicate a server specification which they require a quote for.

Our Solution

Using Mission Control CMS, we built an editable website that allows Marlon to keep the site content updated.

We created a custom design that helped to deliver the technical information about Umbee's services to their website visitors. We build an editable quotation system that captures customer's server requests and allows Umbee to reply with a quotation.

"Umbee Hosting required a new, bespoke, editable website that stood out amongst other hosting company sites. Choosing a web design company over 200 miles from our office was a risky thing do, but it paid off when we chose Eyeweb. We were able to continue working seamlessly with their team throughout the project.

We continue to work with Eyeweb for changes and upgrades to the website. Thanks, guys."
Marlon Davids
Managing Director at Umbee Hosting