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A Year In View 2019

As a new year begins, we like to take a look back at key moments throughout the year and celebrate some of our best achievements.


We’re Going Through Changes...

Firstly, let’s take a look at what changed within the business with a new staff member, milestones and promotions.

Karl originally began his career with us as a developer. After six years of dedicated career progression and showing considerable initiative; Karl was recently offered the opportunity to become a key director within Eyeweb and joyfully accepted the role.

We also celebrated our Senior Developer, Jack’s fifth year with Eyeweb. Jack has worked with some of our biggest clients including Kyle Edmund and local gold medalist, Luke Campbell.

As part of our constant growth and expansion, we’ve hired a new full-stack developer, Luke. Luke started with us during April and has integrated straight into the team with ease. We’d like to extend a great thank you to Luke for joining the team as we look forward to what he brings in the future with Eyeweb.



Projects We Worked On

Throughout 2019 many great businesses joined the Eyeweb family and we produced some of our favourite websites and systems to date.

Websites & Systems

  • purebroadband - local Hull-based internet service provider purebroadband approached us looking for a trio of websites to promote their excellent internet services. You can find purebroadband, purehome and purebusiness here.

  • BusinessWorks - BW Magazine want to recognise those who lead the way and inspire more to follow in their footsteps, empowering business communities to embrace growth. Part of their growth included a fresh new website to showcase their premium magazine and share their insightful articles.

  • Strata CRM -  looking to streamline their order pipeline process, Strata asked us to create them some bespoke customer relationship management software. After launching the CRM mid-2019, Strata MD Graham Fisher said “We were told in an early meeting that anything we asked for in the website or CRM, would be possible. Over a year later and Eyeweb have stuck to their word.”

Marketing Clients

Throughout 2019 we also gained several new marketing clients with success across the board. Den Interiors have climbed 647 places for target keywords; Reg Plates saw their highest volume of organic traffic of all time and, Protech Boilers have seen their organic traffic triple compared to the same period of time in 2018.

Some of our other new marketing clients are;

  • Airkool

  • Condor Projects

  • Simply Students 

  • Interior Design Box

  • Navigation Wealth Management




Our New Products

2019 also saw the launch of our range of web solutions, EyeCRM, EyeCommerce and EyeSite. After producing great systems, ecommerce websites and regular websites for 17 years now, we decided it was time to give each product their own brand and unique identity. This means we can better tailor our bespoke solutions towards each and every client.


A powerful CRM tool that organises your company’s sales order pipeline and makes your business operate more efficiently. You can read more about EyeCRM and what it offers here.


A customisable shopping platform designed to generate more sales and turn shoppers into long-term recurring customers. You can read more about EyeCommerce and what it offers in our recent blog here.


A fully tailored website that fits your brand style, is fully editable and engages with your target audience. You can read more about EyeSite and what it offers here.


24 Hour Gaming

In February, we hosted a 24 hour gaming event in support of Cash for Kids. After a tough day of gaming, we managed to raise a great £770 for local children aged 0-18 who are disabled, disadvantaged or suffering from abuse or neglect.


If you’d like to make a donation to Cash for Kids, you can find their donation page here.