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It's time to add a new tool to your toolbox with a modern website to boost inquiries and showcase your brand.

In construction, your website is your shop front and gives that first impression to your next client. As the world becomes more and more digital, it's essential to keep up with a modern and responsive web design.

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Construction Web Design and Marketing

In the digital age, customers are looking to the internet to find solutions to their problems. They want fast answers and immediate action, so your website must be optimised with the correct information to attract the customer you are after. That way, when someone goes to google for their answers, you are one of the first to grab their attention. People are on the go all the time now. Much of web searching occurs on a mobile phone now; not many people experience a construction issue whilst sitting at their desk, so Eyeweb ensure that all of our websites are mobile responsive for any device.

Could your website do with a home makeover?

We cater to multiple disciplines across the construction industry. We provide websites for commercial contractors, builders, private electricians and tradesmen, sole trader joiners or agency gardeners. Much like how you are skilled in the tools of your trade, Eyeweb is disciplined in web design for construction and can provide business-boosting construction marketing.

Scalable Marketing and Web Design Solutions

Our existing partners consist of various positions, such as decorating contractors, modular building constructors, architects, and service providers. From small businesses in the local area and sole traders to international portfolio websites across the country, we can provide streamlined, project managed strategies for your marketing, web design and company goals.

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We have already had positive feedback from our customers and we would highly recommend Eyeweb to any one

Mark Wilson

Kingston Carton

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Web design services

We don't just plaster over the cracks

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Social Media

We customize your social posts to speak directly to your target clientele with customer insight and brand research. Reach more customers and tap into the exposure of communities you want to reach.
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We can help you reach a bigger audience by using expert knowledge and the latest SEO tools. You'll be visible to more people in Google searches who are looking for your type of product or service. More visibility means more traffic, which means more sales.
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Content Writing

Content is important if you want to do marketing. This includes keyword optimized content, blog posts and social posts. Perfecting your content can help win more business.
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Email Marketing

Send branded emails to your engaged customers and keep them up-to-date with company events and offers or company updates.
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We'll help you find the perfect look and feel for your business and a way to attract the right type of customer.
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Work with Google and Social Ads to boost your brand's exposure significantly. The service we provide will put your products in front of customers, at the time they are looking for your product.
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All of the different aspects of your brand are consistently designed by our in-house designers, which means that it will always look good and nothing will be missed. With this kind of service, you'll reap the benefits with how satisfied your visitors will be.
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Web Design

Our Hull web design company has extensive experience in persuasive web design. The websites we create help increase sales, boost brand visibility and ensure your clients get the information they're looking for.
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Eyeweb doesn't just provide; we educate. This is so you have the skills and knowledge to update your website how you see fit. However, we are also available to help at the drop of a hat. We can help you continuously evolve towards future success.
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Get those customers through the door with fully holistic and all-encompassing digital marketing campaigns. By combining our services with your business goals and geographical reach, we can serve up multiple profitable benefits.
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Your website is safe and secure with our hosting. It will run quickly with our Amazon Web Services hosting solutions.

Laying the foundations of effective construction web design


Provide proof of your hard work with reviews, using API of trusted review platforms such as Trust Pilot, and show customers how reliable you are.


Ensure a great customer experience with a mobile optimised website that can perform against the gruelling standards of 21st-century expectations.

Enquiry forms

Push conversions with call-to-action buttons and fully functioning forms that allow customers to contact you about their next big project.


A stylish, clean portfolio is key to showing off the work you specialise in and the standard to which you complete it.

Corporate social responsibility

Environmental and social impact is prominent on many people's priorities when shopping around. Be sure to answer their questions quickly with reliable information.

Social proof

A solid social position is excellent for showing prospective customers that you take pride in your work and can be trusted.

Downloadable brochures

Many sectors in the construction industry can benefit from having product brochures downloadable direct from the website.

Let's build a great website together

Whether you are a building surveyor, property developer, tradesman, or contractor, we can help establish a modern, responsive website and hard-hitting marketing strategy. Eyeweb has the history, skills, and experience to develop the building blocks for a sky-high brand that sets you apart from your competitors. In addition, Eyeweb has years of experience dealing with estate agents of varying sizes and knows the marketing techniques that could benefit your business. You can contact Eyeweb today at 01482 628830 or drop us an email about your project at hello@eyeweb.co.uk.

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