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Pay Per Click Google ads

Just being seen is no longer enough. Your messaging needs to entice.

Pay Per Click, or PPC as we know it, is where we use advertising on Google to reach new customers and drive traffic through to the website. This can range from adverts at the top of Google search results pages, products on shopping results, in the advertising spaces at the sides of a website or on YouTube videos. So give us a call, and let's have a chat about how Eyeweb can help boost success towards your business goals.


Our PPC Services

At Eyeweb, we approach paid search and shopping as an immersive experience. The customer is more likely to interact with your ads when they are relevant, and by understanding your customer, and your ideal target audience, we can tailor ads to be specific to their wants, needs and desires. We know how to spot a good opportunity that may be going underutilised and push to capitalise on these for our clients.

Google dominance

Google accounts for 78% of all online search traffic and more than 3.8 million searches every minute, meaning PPC campaigns can be seen by a vast audience. We work with a diligent set of management processes to ensure that accounts are actively optimised and clients are kept up to date with the progress.

Monthly management

Eyeweb works with Search Ads and manages your keywords, adding new valuable keywords each month whilst excluding the bad ones. Our PPC team monitors ad placements and audiences for display and video ads. We test ad performance regularly to ensure your ads stay up to date. Ecommerce businesses can benefit from shopping ads and our product feed management, which make sure all the products have been accepted for listing on Google and that their information is up to date.

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Pay Per Click Services

We are a team of marketers here to help make a project you are proud of

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Keyword Research

Our researchers will find the most compatible keywords to maximise your target audience's conversions, clicks, and impressions.
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Competitor Research

We can discover hidden markets to run campaigns and make strategic plans for the most impact by analysing your competition.
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Campaign setup

From start to finish, Eyeweb can manage your PPC campaign and keep it on track for success.
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PPC tune-up

Eyeweb PPC specialists can review your existing Pay Per Click Campaigns and bring them up to speed.
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Ad Text Creation

Our content writers can find the best choice of words to captivate your audience and encourage clicks on your adverts.
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Landing Page Optimisation

To ensure your ads are converting, the landing page is fully optimised to reduce bounce rate and high-cost clicks.

PPC management that performs

As a local marketing agency in Hull, Eyeweb prides itself on being an extension of our client's business, not just a service provider. Integrating into your business lets us best know your company values, industry, and business goals. We can identify customers' touchpoints and where to implement ads specific to target your audiences effectively.

Eyeweb's PPC strategy ensures room to support other channels too. Our approach ensures that plans do not rely entirely on one method for success but provide a holistic, well rounded, and immersive experience for your customers. In the modern buying journey, users take multiple touchpoints throughout their purchase journey, including social media, SEO, and others. We measure all of them to attribute conversions to the most valuable interactions.

An Ad is not just something you see at the top of a Google search. Ads are on TV, in YouTube videos, and they merge seamlessly in our social media platforms. These are all touchpoints that help put your brand in front of your customers' minds. We can pinpoint the most time and cost-effective platform you can advertise on for the maximum ROI with our analyses. Adverts are an experience, and the best ones are remembered.

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