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Digital Marketing Hull

Every website relies on traffic. Every business depends on customers. Marketing is integral to driving traffic to your different channels and increasing brand visibility and sales.

We don’t just offer you fancy marketing. We provide essential business strategies based on measurable targets. Eyeweb covers all your different marketing avenues to help reach your business goals, including SEO, PPC campaigns, generating interest on social media, creating email campaigns, content creation and more.

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Why do you need Digital Marketing?

Do you have aspirations to increase sales or promote a new service coming to your business? Perhaps you have a new website that you want to get off the ground and introduce to new and existing customers. Or maybe you have been conducting your own digital marketing methods but not seeing the results you would have hoped for and wanted a consultation.

Our team are fully immersed in the digital marketing world with a wealth of experience in how people in the modern age work. Every aspect of a business is now online, from information and sales to social media presence, and we have all had to adapt to keep up with the constantly changing and updating best practices. It is pretty easy to fall behind with outdated techniques that may no longer work, but we're here to keep you in the know.

Digital Growth

We have worked on over 500 unique websites over the 20 years of being a business, your next project is safe with us.

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Over 20 years of experience has made us a leading digital marketing design agency in the Humber region.

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I look forward to continuing to work with Eyeweb to maximise our business through their ongoing marketing support.

Ben Cox

The Star Inn

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The Star Inn
Ben Cox

Digital Marketing Features

We are a team of marketers here to help make a project you are proud of

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By learning about your business goals, identifying your target audience and setting objectives, Eyeweb can recommend steps forward to make an impactful improvement.
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Good SEO is not just about keywords. Eyeweb makes sure to implement and educate on the many ways we can add authority and power to your website, from backlink building to trust sentiment.
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Run targeted marketing campaigns on Google Ads and social media to increase traffic and sales in line with a specially designed annual calendar to track trends and seasonality of your industry.
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Social Media

With social analysis and strategy assessment, Eyeweb informs you just how you are performing on social media and your next steps. We educate our clients on using social channels for brand visibility and trust over sales.
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Content Writing

Improve your market share in your industry with expert content for websites and blogs. The right words help define your place amongst your competitors and help customers choose you.
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Email Marketing

Keep the conversation going with your customers through segmented and automated email campaigns.
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Reports and User Experience

Eyeweb don’t provide boring monthly reports and leave you to it. We deliver only what matters towards making the next step forward towards achieving your business goals. And you always know where you stand with our regular check-ins.
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Support and Training

Eyeweb doesn’t gate-keep the answers to your success. We provide support and education to all your questions and interests to make informed choices.

Frequently asked questions

We’re a fully-fledged integrated marketing agency with a team of expert developers and designers onsite to give your business the edge. Being an integrated marketing agency, we’re able to use our development and design teams to enhance your marketing plan with advanced solutions. This includes web design, microsites, rebrands, social media graphics and much more than many regular agencies can’t offer in-house. At Eyeweb, the possibilities are endless. We have the capability on-site to take your business anywhere.

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