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Content Writing for success

From SEO to Web Design, Content Writing ties the whole package together.

Your business deserves professionally written content. Often overlooked, the power of content can be the difference between poor traffic flow and successful conversions. New websites can live or die by the strength of their content. Content Writing ties together all the different elements of your business. From Brand, Web Design and SEO to Marketing, Sales and more, content is present in almost everything we do, influencing users from one decision to another.

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Why do you need Content Writing services?

Content writing services take the strain off spending your valuable time on blog writing, having to learn the best practices, or how to adapt to your brand's correct tone of voice when posting on social media. Our expert content writers use their skills to build trust and loyalty amongst readers whilst simultaneously engaging and informing them.

From attention-grabbing hooks in emails to optimised digital SEO on your website, content writing from a trained professional can make all the difference to your customer's experience with your brand. More extensive use of content writing can include:

- Web page copy

- Blog and article writing

- Email Campaigns

- Product descriptions

- PPC ads

- Social Media posting

- Job Ads and HR documentation

- Proofreading

- Brand guidelines and tone of voice

Content is King

Keyword research is an intensive process that allows us to focus on your ideal customer and what terminology, voice, and themes would best attract them to your brand. Google has long rated unique, informative content as the ruling factor in website success. This does not look set to change any time soon.

Customer Profiles

Effective content writing drills into the user's core values, motivations, desires, and goals. By having a complete holistic view of your target audience, we can accurately write appealing content to users, target pain points with solutions and questions with much-needed answers. We understand their lifestyle with data and findings and target them at critical points in their customer journey.

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I look forward to continuing to work with Eyeweb to maximise our business through their ongoing marketing support.

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Get optimised content for your website by using content writers who are skilled in keyword research. Boost your chances of ranking on page one of Google with informed SEO practices.
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Content writers aid in your email marketing campaigns by providing streamlined copy that speaks to your end users with memorable and persuasive language.
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Effective marketing campaigns rely on knowing your target audiences, the tone of voice and keywords to target. Content writing can aid in bringing the whole campaign together for a streamlined conversion.
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Content writing allows you to sell products using persuasive language without pushing yourself in front of the customer or cold calling them. Effective messaging to the right audience is more successful in landing that sale.
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Branding is not just about your logo. Learn your user personas, tone of voice, and what makes up your target audience to help contribute towards the creation of your overall brand, values, and goals.
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Web Design

When you have a website, those pages need content in order to help you rank in google, catch people’s attention and sell to them. We know the best practices to help you achieve this.
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Social Media

Speak to your followers directly with a personable tone. Our content writers help to produce engaging content that speaks to your users and keeps them interested.
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Frequently asked questions

We recommend a minimum of 500 words for a web page where possible, and even more so for blogs that you want to gain traction and form a campaign around.

Writing Personable Selling Content

Content writing is an essential part of any digital project and really ties the whole thing together. However, content writing is more than just putting words to paper. Our writers go through an in-depth process to fully align themselves with your business and ideal customer to write effective material and compelling content. This investigation takes place in the initiation of your project. This research means less time is spent further down the line to ensure we speak out to the right people and continuously provide your business with coordinated strategies and campaigns.

Do you require help with any of the following? Then you may want to consider the skills of a content writer:

·       Establishing how to present yourself in line with your business goals

·       Drilling down to your crucial user persona and ideal customer

·       Working out your target audiences search intent and their customer journey

·       Defining your primary keyword research and optimising your website for SEO

·       Figuring out what you will write, where and when for a content strategy

·       Creating topic categories to represent campaigns related to your user's interests and lifestyles

·       Planning content, be it a blog, article, strategy or otherwise

·       Writing the proposed and planned content, with all the trimmings and finishing touches

·       Building your tribe on social media and establishing a firm community standing

How Eyeweb Can Help You

Use our effective content writing services to amplify your chances of ranking on Google. Our words help you to communicate ideas and convert customers. A successful website needs high quality, thought out, and well-researched content to establish itself in the market of industry leaders.

Initial meetings help us to get to know you and your business. Eyeweb has its own tried and tested processes for getting to the core of what matters to you, your business goals, and innate skills in translating that into actionable tasks. We can ensure the content you receive is fully aligned to your company and brand by working together. With SEO expertise and a flair for language, Eyeweb will help draw the crowd to your website, keep their attention, and provide much-needed answers to their pain points.

Whether you would like valuable web copy, launch social media or help to keep your blog fresh, you can count on us. Eyeweb is a Hull-based marketing agency specialising in complete web design services. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming digital projects, web designs or branding needs and see how we can help.

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