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Email Marketing

It's one of the quickest and easiest ways to inject information to your audience, already verified and confirmed as ideal targeted users.

Email marketing is a manner of communicating that gives you the freedom to share multiple forms of media in one go. Eyeweb can help whether you have an established mailing list or want to start curating a list of loyal customers to your mailing list.

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Email Marketing

Take your email marketing to the next level with Eyeweb

Why should I use email marketing?

By using demographics and interest topics, you can group your customer base into categories that allow you to send tailored emails to the right audiences every time. For example, newsletters are an excellent way to keep people updated on your company, product launches and influential industry events. You can even categorise people by their campaign behaviour, such as who clicked on a specific link and exposed their interests.

Custom designed templates

Eyeweb can create email campaigns for you from scratch, using our in-house design team's skills. This includes on-brand newsletters, even coverage and product release unveilings. Content writing will be implemented to ensure an accurate tone of voice and compelling message meets your recipients. In addition, we can track the entire journey of the campaign, from the moment it is released, to who opens it – or doesn't open it! And who clicks what links, helping us build towards further success in future campaigns.

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I look forward to continuing to work with Eyeweb to maximise our business through their ongoing marketing support.

Ben Cox

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By learning about your company goals, values and ambitions we can effectively plan email marketing campaigns into an overall strategy to best hit those key readers.
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Content Writing

Enjoy fully written emails to get your point across in a concise and friendly manner. Inform people of sales, company updates, holidays and more.
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Our team can provide intuitive reports on the success of your email marketing campaign, feedback and provide next steps and actions based on performance.
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Tone of Voice

Our content writers are capable of getting across the perfect tone of voice for your company and the topic of your email.
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Ensure your email is designed in line with your brand. Universal brand identity across your email reminds readers who they are in receipt of without needing to scroll for a company name.
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Eyeweb can integrate your most recent or bestselling product feeds from your ecommerce website into your email to show off new products, offers and more.
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Frequently asked questions

As often as you can without being annoying and irrelevant. It is similar to social media in that your campaigns should accurately relate to your target audience, be well thought out and follow basic scheduling rules in order to get the most open rates.

10 Benefits of Email Marketing with Eyeweb

  • Your emails can be targeted at individuals.

  • Emailing is much cheaper than traditional marketing, such as mailing out in the post or using flyers.

  • Your emails are sent and received quickly, so a message from the top can be processed and sent out the same day, taking advantage of any trending opportunities.

  • Email marketing allows a channel for communication between the customer and what you want to push towards your customer.

  • See critical insights about how your audience reacts and interacts with your emails.

  • Use one-click access to sales and offers directly through email.

  • Not forgetting your internal needs, emails allow for the complete sharing of valuable information to help your business run smoothly.

  • Nurture your customer relationships by keeping in contact and showing off your brand.

  • Increase click through rates with strategic planning

  • Build a more substantial, loyal, and engaged customer database that continuously grows with you and your company

Oldie but a goodie

Email has been a powerful marketing tool for the past 2 decades. It has established itself as one of the largest channels to utilise. It is a tried and tested medium for reaching out to verified audiences interested in your brand and providing the opportunity to resell services or new products and information.

90% of Mobile users check their email daily

With more access to the web than ever before, mobile phones allow customers to get in the moment updates, allowing for a much quicker reaction time than we have ever seen. In addition, we have advanced tools to carry out complex and innovative email campaigns, allowing us access to valuable marketing data and insights.

How Eyeweb can help

Whether you have an established mailing list or are looking to start your first newsletter, Eyeweb can help. We manage your database, create eye-catching content and email design, provide insightful reports on campaign performance. Most importantly, provide actions for future improvements and further success based on this data. Eyeweb is a Hull-based marketing agency specialising in complete web design services. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming digital projects, web designs or branding needs and see how we can help.

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