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As people, we just want to do better. Often in an online world, we can forget that we are dealing with: people. Eyeweb supports the causes of our charity partners and learns all about their audiences and the good they bring to the community. With us, you can focus on changing lives, and we can focus on making sure everyone knows about it.

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Web design that cares about your cause

When promoting your charity or cause, it is essential to success to reach out and connect with your audiences. In a growing digital environment, we can keep the personal touch by keeping campaigns and design human. Now more than ever, it is becoming more challenging to meet audiences face to face, which is why we promote the use of people led photography and showcasing your supporters in your developing community.

Eyeweb, the Hull web design agency, knows that charities and not for profit organisations have much bigger things to worry about than keeping a website up to date. But a website could be one of the most critical assets a charity may need in spreading the word of your mission.

Charity websites built with your supporters in mind

Do you have a website tender that you are looking for agencies to submit proposals for? Or perhaps you are looking for expertise in fundraising, donations, accessibility and GDPR? Look no further than our seasoned professionals at Eyeweb. Are you are the owner of an established charity or looking to start up your own not-for-profit? Eyeweb is here to translate all of your work into engaging online content and provide insight into your functionality needs.

Holistic web design and marketing services to push conversions

It's a harsh world out there, and charities are doing extra things to make it bearable. Eyeweb web design seeks to build proactive and honest relationships with our charity partners. A can-do, holistic approach allows us to learn the ins and outs of your business and learn more about the importance of the cause itself. We take the time to understand your audiences and clients and put ourselves in the shoes of those receiving your help and hard work. This enables Eyeweb to create effective and engaging marketing campaigns that truly get your message across to the right people.

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Web design services

Ensure you are hitting all the right buttons with tailored marketing solutions

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Social Media

Building on what you know about your customers and doing research into which networks would be best for them, we can tailor social posts to help you reach the right people. This can get your business into the communities full of customers and make them understand what’s good about your business.
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Our expert SEO services will let your company reach more potential customers online. You'll show up for a wider range of search terms and we can also help you create custom campaigns to target specific users. Once this happens, your website starts seeing more traffic and sales from new leads.
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Content Writing

The more and better content you have online, the more likely people are to find and buy your products. This means that, whether you're doing blog posts or social media updates, you'll want useful, understandable content that's relevant to your niche.
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Email Marketing

Reach those customers that matter to your business and get them engaged by sending them updates.
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We'll take a look at all the key components that make a great brand and show you how to apply them to your business. This will help you reach the perfect audience.
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Increase your following and build your brand with Google and social ads. Targeted ads make it so you can get in front of followers right when they need you.
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Our in-house expert designers ensure your brand is consistent across all business areas, including your printed materials, to ensure an excellent user experience.
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Web Design

We create beautiful sites that serve your audience. We offer custom web builds where you can create an experience that caters to the needs of your specific audience.
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Eyeweb doesn't just provide; we educate. This is so you have the skills and knowledge to update your website how you see fit. We are also available to help at the drop of a hat. We can help you continuously evolve towards future success.
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Run an all-encompassing digital marketing campaign to attract prospects and customers. Reach a broader audience by sharing with us on your business goals and geographical location.
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Your website is safe and with secure hosting and will run quickly with our Amazon Web Services hosting solutions.

Get people inspired to act with awareness inducing website features

Eyeweb has spent years working for charities, and with charities, in developing optimum strategies that increase donations and spread awareness and contribute to the overall goals of the charity as a business.

User Personas

Identifying target audiences and personas is possibly one of the most critical aspects of marketing within the charity sector. Eyeweb experts review your target audience and build out their persona profiles. We understand you can have multiple target audiences with varying desired outcomes. It is essential to design in coordination with that.

Donate now button 

Our web design team can ensure total, secure online payments to allow visitors to donate directly to the website.

Gift aid

Enabling Gift Aid functionality and declaration helps you get the most out of your donations and contributions.

Recruiting volunteers

Many charities rely on the good nature of volunteers to function, so it is vital to have an easy application process for them to submit their interest, with powerful marketing campaigns to let the public know when applications are open.

Promote fundraisers

Host fundraising event advertising on your website to tell people when, where and why.


Whether it's people signing up to be part of an event or receiving a regular newsletter, it is vital to keep in touch with those interested in supporting your cause.

Online store

Shops are a great way to earn additional income for your charity. We can integrate stores into your website or host one directly, keeping users on your website for longer.

Taking bookings

Your charity may operate a booking service. We can design this functionality seamlessly into your web design so that users and staff can easily keep track of appointments.


Keep patrons up to date by showcasing upcoming events and dates of note.

Get the right web design partner for your charity.

Charities need an involved, enthusiastic, and passionate partner. This team will resonate with your cause and strive forward with the same motivations and desires as you. Eyeweb could be that partner. Share your project, aspirations, and dreams of how your charity will help your community. Eyeweb brings expert creative and strategic skills to every project we undertake. If you are interested in getting your business noticed by your target audience, then get in touch with us today. We would love to know more about your project. You can contact Eyeweb today at 01482 628830 or drop us an email about your project at hello@eyeweb.co.uk.

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