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Ironclad websites for Manufacturing and Distribution Businesses

Industrial web design doesn't need to be dull. With such a diverse industry as manufacturing, distribution and engineering, no one size fits all.  

Eyeweb produces bespoke websites to help your business stand out against the competition. We learn about your industry and get to know your customer's journey, resulting in effective lead generation.

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Engineer a powerful website with robust web design in Hull

Manufacturing websites showcase the brand credibility, scale, skills, and track record of the company and the products and services. With Eyeweb's specialist solutions, we will clearly demonstrate your USPs, your values, speed, and quality of your company, and what gives you a competitive advantage in the market.

Finding the right fit is key to success.

With so many different sectors in the manufacturing industry, it is hard to find the perfect fit. In addition, it can be challenging to find a partner who knows your industry inside and out and has specialist knowledge of your products and processes. Eyeweb has multiple proficiencies in the manufacturing industry, which is a unique benefit we have over competitors.

Trust an agency steeped in manufacturing culture and history

Being Hull-based gives Eyeweb a cultural knowledge of the different manufacturing industries and a rare insight into how the various sectors deviate. Thanks to this, we have gained multiple large manufacturing partners over the years, many of who we still work with today.

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Web design services

Technical Solutions for Manufacturing Needs

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Our expert skills can help your brand become more visible online. That means you can show up in Google Search when people look for companies like yours.
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Content Writing

Our content writers will use the terminology specific to your business or industry to write content that will be easy for your readers to understand. This will help improve your brand's image, while maintaining a professional tone of voice.
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Our company will break down all the key elements of what makes a fantastic brand, applying this to your business to attract a great potential customer base.
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Web Design

As Hull's leading custom web design company, our manufacturing website designs are built to help with enquiry generation and improve your brand visibility. All of our custom builds take the audience into consideration so that you can gain more business.
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Branding on all printed materials means that your company is recognizable wherever it goes - trade shows, exhibitions and more.
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Eyeweb provides support for the people who use our services. This assistance includes comprehensive training and a service where we can help you when you need it. So if you have updates or changes to your website, we'll be there to help.
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If you're looking to get more customers, we can help! We'll create campaigns that are tailored to your business and give you many different avenues in which to grow.
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You can safely put your website on our hosting and it'll load fast, thanks to our Amazon Web Services.

Website and Custom Software Features for Precision Functionality

Custom CRM

Eyeweb creates custom CRM systems for manufacturing and distribution companies for greater flexibility and efficiency when dealing with customers.

Case Studies

Case studies enable users to see your past and best work, showcasing specific skills and moments to be proud of.

Customer Portals

Customer portals allow users to log in, access previous orders, and track invoices, an excellent feature for promoting repeat orders.

Buy Onsite

Ecommerce functionality means the easy ability to host products and sell directly through your custom industrial website with no middlemen.

Production Monitoring

Production monitoring functionality is possible through our own custom software, Eyeworks.

Order management and supplier purchasing

This allows you to digitally manage the order's lifecycle and helps improve the customer experience of your website.

Stock control

This functionality helps your business run smoother, always having the suitable materials for the correct orders at the right time.

Warehouse management system

This offers visibility into the business inventory and manages your supply chain fulfilment.

Picking and packing order fulfilment solutions

This service allows workers to quickly establish and fulfil orders from an Order Management System, keeping your business streamlined and efficient.

Eyeweb has the right tools for you.

Sick of losing production time and ready to reap back those minutes? Or maybe you are just struggling to market your manufacturing business to the right buyers? The manufacturing industry is full of big companies, and competition is steep. Eyeweb has years of experience dealing with hard-hitting manufacturing industry marketing techniques that could benefit your business. You can contact Eyeweb today at 01482 628830 or drop us an email about your project at hello@eyeweb.co.uk.

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