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It’s the tried and tested method of getting your name out there. Social Media is the new word of mouth, the morning newspaper, the thing that keeps us all connected. Businesses can skyrocket their conversions with an effective Social Media strategy.

It’s not just about posting on Facebook! Eyeweb conducts Social Media analysis with practical recommendations to ensure your business operates at best practice and meet head-on with your target audience.

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The social media posts have been submitted regularly by Eyeweb which has been a great help to the business.

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Your Social Media struggles

Are you posting every day to Facebook, but no one likes your posts? Struggling to gain followers? Or maybe don’t even know where to start. Eyeweb provides education in Social Media and insight into how companies should be thinking about Social Media as an extension of their business.

Many established companies believe they don’t need social media services, and while that may be right for some industries, social media is a valid form of marketing. Thanks to sophisticated social listening techniques, we can provide guidance on which social channels you should focus on based on your target audiences. Whilst some believe they don’t need Social Media, others set themselves up on every social platform available and publish the same content to every page in hopes to capitalise on any possible engagement, and others simply cannot afford to spend the time needed for effective social strategy.

The Eyeweb Social Media process

In the beginning, Eyeweb Social Media and content specialists will analyse your existing Social Media activity, pinpoint your target audience and where to find them, review your competitors and assess your business goals. Social Media requires rules, strategy, and assessment just like any marketing campaign, and only with clear goals and firm foundations can you expect to see results for your efforts. We can also manage your Social Media accounts, design custom posts, graphics and videos and schedule these at the optimum times to hit your followership. Stay in the loop with regular catch-ups and reports on performance that build on activity to consistently strive upwards and build your online community.

Personalise your Social Media strategy

Most potential customers will investigate a brand through a Social Media search. Eyeweb can advise on how to establish your brand as an industry leader. This builds trust and positive reviews amongst your fellowship.

Bridge the gap between you and your customers

We humanise your brand with personal posts that have content that matter to your target audience, which encourages engagements and contributes towards your end goals. Social Media helps increase brand awareness, and Eyeweb ensures practical content pillars to remind followers of your USPs, services and values.

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Digital Marketing services

We are a team of designers and developers here to help make a project you are proud of

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Paid Social

We encourage our clients to invest in paid Social Media to maximise the impact of campaigns and information they need to get into the public eye, such as new services or products. Paid social can dramatically increase the reach of a post and reach new audiences.
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Organic Social Media

Available to everyone and is the most popular way to utilise Social Media. Eyeweb provides the tried and tested lessons to getting the most out of organic Social Media.
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Content Calendars

Each client gets a personal content calendar for the year, designed for their industry, highlighting upcoming events or trends to allow enough preparation time for maximum impact.
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Brand Pillars

We provide regular posts that encapsulate your brand and remind followers of your services to back up other reactive and trending post styles.
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Weekly Social Posting

Guarantee weekly posts on your social accounts in line with the recommendations for best performance outlined in our initial social strategy assessment.
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Setting Goals

Your Social Media is led by an in-depth strategy and agreed goals at the start. This means we have a solid foundation to work from and build towards your successes.
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Competitor Analysis

We make sure that your competitors are in league with you, manage expectations of what success can look like for your market share, and make recommendations and actions on how you can outrun your competitors.
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Our social campaigns start out with a full assessment of your existing Social Media performance. Provide recommendations of change and ways to modernise your approach.
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Regular Review Meetings

With regular catch-ups, you can see what we have planned for posts each month, make suggestions, and discuss new and exciting upcoming events and ideas to keep that excitement fresh. Monthly reports are provided where we review your goals and work toward future targets.
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Whatsapp Content Group

All of our clients get a personal connection to our team with access to a Whatsapp group that allows the more effortless transfer of content, such as photos taken in the office or at events.
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Eyeweb aims to educate all clients on the importance of Social Media and its best practices to avoid missing out on great engagement.
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Custom Designed Posts

No templates are used to make your Social Media images! Instead, our designer and Social Media experts create custom made, unique graphics for each client to adequately capture your brand.
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Social Analysis

Our team keeps an eye on behaviours and trends on your Social Media to create reactive and adaptive plans to meet your goals.
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Photography and Video

Eyeweb provide professional video and photography for all of your posts, campaigns and web content.
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User Generated Content

The most potent form of content creation in this current day is encouraged. Eyeweb can create user-generated content for your products and promote it from clients and previous customers to aid in marketing campaigns.

Find Your Ideal Audience

Social Media is an ever-developing medium with new rules that adapt to the patterns in people’s behaviours, so it’s crucial to stay on top of what is happening and change with the times. Education is at the heart of what we do when working with your business on Social Media because the more you know, the better experience you will have and your followers will have. Eyeweb works in both organic and paid Social Media and can manage your social ads and posting schedules, as well as any design and creation of Social Media posts.

Specific social platforms can be a mystery. If you have any questions on channels such as LinkedIn, Snapchat, Spotify, even Tiktok and many more, just ask. Social Media is more than just Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and we are finding many audiences are branching out into more niche markets. Specialist campaign planning could see your ads appearing in YouTube Videos, Instagram Stories, even TikTok feeds – it’s all about knowing where your audiences like to hang out.

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