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Email marketing and the importance of branding

Is email marketing working for your business?

Done right, marketing can be extremely powerful – it’s one of the most cost-effective, measurable forms of digital marketing there is, and a great way to engage with potential and existing customers. However, email marketing is also very popular – and it’s easy for e-marketing materials to get lost or discounted in a busy inbox.

Personalisation, a winning headline, effective targeting and relevant, engaging content will all help to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts – but a poor design and terrible branding will let down even the best campaign!

In this post, we take a look at why great design and branding are so important when it comes to sending out your e-shots, e-newsletters and sales emails.

First impressions count

The design of your e-marketing materials is the first thing customers will judge you on. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and all your e-marketing materials need to look good!

If your branding is tired, your template looks dated and your email is badly designed, then even if your recipients do open your email, they simply won’t read it, and your key messages won’t hit home.

A clean, modern and easy to read template will reflect well on your business. It gives your audience the confidence that the email is coming from a reputable, professional outfit that knows what it’s doing. In turn, this will give the key messages and calls to action within your materials the best chance of landing.

Design that works for everyone

One of the problems we see fairly frequently is email marketing materials that don’t look the same on every email platform.

Your design might look fantastic when it’s opened in Outlook, but terrible in Gmail. If it doesn’t look good (or work properly) on a full range of platforms, you will alienate large elements of your audience. This will negatively impact on the effectiveness of your campaign.

Every platform has its quirks. Wherever possible, your email marketing materials should be designed in a way that ensures every recipient sees the same thing. Understanding the platforms and regularly testing designs across different providers is an essential part of any effective e-marketing campaign.

Building a consistent brand

When you’re trying to build your brand, communicate with your audience and develop recognition on any platform, consistency of design and branding is essential.

If you’re sending out plain text emails one week, then images and different templates in a range of colours, with different logos the next, it looks unprofessional and disorganised. You also risk confusing and turning off your target audience.

All your email marketing needs to be sent from the same email address every single time, and just as importantly, to share a consistent design approach. When it comes to your emails, using a similar layout, familiar design elements and the same branding in an attractive, well-designed template will help you to build that recognition and strengthen your brand over time.

Expert Email Marketing Support from Eyeweb

Want to boost open and engagement rates? Looking for beautiful, consistent email marketing campaigns that look fantastic and reflect well on your business?

At Eyeweb, our digital marketing team and web design specialises in helping businesses to achieve their commercial objectives through effective, targeted and tested email marketing support.

When it comes to the branding, our team is passionate about great design. Whether you’re looking to develop your existing branding, or want us to create an impactful new visual identity, we’ll ensure that your e-marketing materials always look fantastic.

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