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Going Bespoke

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Why Custom Websites Are Better Than Off-The-Shelf Solutions

When you’re planning a new website, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether to go for a custom design or an off-the-shelf template.

Although there are some benefits to using a template (they tend to be cheap and easy to set up) – there are some real limitations that are likely to impact on the performance of your site, and your business online.

In this post, we explore 5 of the key benefits of going bespoke, and for choosing a custom website rather than an off-the-shelf solution for your next web build.



custom designed website gives you the freedom to create something unique, that truly reflects your business. It provides complete control over the layout, the look and feel – enabling you to create something that stands out from the crowd, fits your brand and is right for your target audience.

Use a template, and no matter what you do, it will always look like a template! Although there are a few things you can do to alter the design of a template site in terms of colour and layout – it will still be limited. Other organisations will be using the same template, and it will never match up to a bespoke solution.



The flexibility of a custom designed website goes beyond the design – it also applies to the functionality. By going bespoke, you’ll be able to create a website that does whatever you want it to, and that’s completely designed to fit the requirements of your business.

Although there are plenty of ‘plug-ins’ available for template sites, if you have unique requirements, you’ll have to fit these around the plug-ins. Go bespoke, and you can create the perfect, customised solutions.



Over time, businesses change, develop and grow, and a great website should have the ability to grow with a business.

With a custom website, the developers can plan scalability into the initial build – anticipating future requirements and designing it in a way that allows the website to grow organically.

In template and off-the-shelf systems, adding functionality, changing design elements and restructuring the site may be trickier. You will be limited and guided by the template, which can lead to sites that don’t scale well.



Template sites are a favourite target of cyber-criminals.

They share similar file structures and are built on the same platforms – criminals know this, and are constantly looking for vulnerabilities. When loopholes are uncovered, it impacts on all the sites on the platforms, opening up sites to an increased risk of security breaches.

Custom-made sites don’t suffer from the same problem. It’s much harder for cyber criminals to anticipate the security measures of a single website, and it is a much less attractive target than a system that’s utilised by thousands of sites.



Great SEO programmes start with the right code.

Choose a bespoke website, and the developer can ensure that every page and every element of the site is built in the right way, taking into account the latest, best-practice SEO guidelines and your business requirements. This can deliver significant benefits when it comes to where your site ranks, and how it performs online.

Many template sites do offer some SEO tools – but this will be a retrofitted add-on, that may not be as effective as a customised solution.


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Date Published: 12/02/18