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How Eyeweb is helping brands to take a strategic move towards their post-pandemic survival?

The Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a huge amount of uncertainty for businesses globally. From supply chain issues to financial insecurity, business owners have been forced to make a plethora of difficult decisions in order to keep their operations running as close to normally as possible.

The advantages of partnering with a Hull marketing agency

Here at Eyeweb we understand how to kickstart marketing campaigns that have the power to drive leads and increase sales. In addition to specialising in building brand awareness, we also have expertise in technical search engine optimisation (SEO) which allows us to deliver personalised campaigns tailored to your unique business goals.

Perhaps even more importantly, however, our team also understands how to employ creativity and critical thinking to devise new ways to drive results as marketplaces change and evolve. The impact of COVID-19 will continue to be felt in new ways, particularly as business models have been forced to adjust in real-time in order to survive.

What's changed?

Arguably the most significant change that the pandemic has driven is the marked shift to digital. Not only have consumers become more familiar with the online space, demonstrating a willingness to conduct thorough online research before committing to purchases, increasing numbers of consumers are becoming bolder with their purchasing decisions and are now more willing to purchase from lesser-known brands.

Data indicates that by the second quarter of 2020, site traffic increased by 16% and by quarter three, email marketing open rates had increased by 18% [1]. Businesses that are prepared to engage with audiences via popular channels and adjust their messaging to effectively communicate key pieces of information in a timely, appropriate and sensitive manner will benefit from more significant returns over both the short and longer term.

What should a post-pandemic strategy look like?

As an experienced Hull marketing agency, we recognise that the strongest digital strategies will utilise the power of a multi-pronged approach and be shaped to consistently delight an audience throughout their whole experience with a business.

Placing the customer or client at the heart of every decision making process will ensure your offering both stands head and shoulders above your competition and that your audience won’t be able to resist shouting about your brand. If that sounds like the kind of certainty you want for your business in these uncertain times, we’re probably your ideal Hull marketing agency.

It is important to be aware that neglecting your long-term strategies could result in your brand taking another serious hit a little later down the road. If your business has been hit by COVID-19, you are likely to either be in survival mode or are keen to look towards brighter days ahead. Although investing in advertising and marketing might not necessarily be sitting at the top of your to-do list, if you’re currently navigating a tricky path, it could help you to set yourself apart from your competition in all the right ways.