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How Google Analytics help to monitor website traffic?

Your Google Analytics dashboard will give you a general overview of your site traffic, but you can also choose to delve deeper into your data to gain clear insights that can be used to inform future business decisions. With this in mind, here are just a few important data sets within your Google Analytics dashboard that you should aim to keep an eye on.

Visitor statistics allow your SEO company in Hull refine your optimisation strategy

The visitors overview page will clearly display the number of people who have visited your site alongside a plethora of other statistics including time spent on site, your bounce rate and the browsers your visitors are using.

- Bounce rate

Your bounce rate is comprised of the percentage of individuals who chose not to stay on your site for long enough to be counted as a visitor. This figure can be used to inform important on-page refinements to ensure that every page on your website is displaying the most valuable and relevant information for your ideal audience.

- Absolute unique visitors

It is worth keeping a close eye on the absolute unique visitors section which uses IP addresses to monitor the number of individuals who have visited your site. So, if you have secured 2,000 visits and 1,500 of those are absolute unique visitors, you can conclude that 1,500 individuals visited your site a total of 2,000 times. This information can be used by your SEO company in Hull to tailor your on-site content to encourage repeat visits and establish a loyal community around your brand.

Understand the value of your advertising spend with traffic source data

This section of your Google Analytics account is key to understanding which advertising strategies are delivering the most beneficial outcomes. In addition to monitoring direct traffic, you can also track referring sites and traffic from search engines.

- Keywords

You will likely find that monitoring the keywords individuals are entering into search engines, which is helpful because you can use this information to refine your on-site content and ensure you are hyper visible in the most relevant search engine results pages (SERPs).

- Content

Your Google Analytics page also has a dedicated content section, which will allow you to see which webpages attracted the most traffic and engagement. This will tell you, at a glance, where your content strategy is delivering results and highlight areas that will benefit from some refinement, such as a keyword audit from your SEO company in Hull or additional investment in a particular type of content.

Google Analytics is an invaluable tool that will help you to accurately track and analyse all activity that takes place on your website. In addition to being able to see precisely where your traffic is coming from, you can also monitor how many visitors your site is receiving, which keywords they have used to arrive on a particular page, and the journey they choose to take when navigating your site.