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How to approach brands you would like to work with?

Agencies will often see a brand they are keen to work with and the same will happen with businesses and other organisations that are looking for strategic partnerships. Whether to provide commercial services, build a brand, take a new product to market, joint-lead on a cause or initiative or to generate PR and awareness, strategic partnerships of any kinds between brands can be extremely powerful.

So how should you approach a brand that you are interested in working with, and how might a Hull marketing agency make the process easier?

1. Do your research
It's important to have your facts ready and to have a clear understanding of the brand you are interested in. This will allow you to get a clearer idea of how attractive a partnership arrangement might be to this brand, and what you can offer to them in return.

2. Find your contacts
marketing agency in Hull can make this step easier by having ready contacts to leverage. The better your contact and network, the better you can organise a conversation to discuss the possibilities.

3. Have your own pitch ready
Know what you have to offer and be ready to verbalise it in a clear way that demonstrates the benefits. Again, a Hull marketing agency can help you here by providing pitch-ready materials for an impactful presentation.

4. Using a Hull Marketing agency for value
If you get past the initial introduction, your agency choice can strengthen your offer by providing specialist services that position you strongly as a co-brand or agency of choice that can provide real value. Show how you could leverage a partnership arrangement to build sales, grow awareness, cut costs or other key benefits. The more benefits-led you can be, the easier the sell you will have!

5. Flag up your experience
If you have strong experience in your field and with other similar partnerships, now is the time to flag them up. Previous experience and demonstration of the results you achieved is likely to be an extremely strong sales message to the brand you are interested in.

6. Strengthen your marketing
Remember that any brand is likely to immediately go online to find out more about you - so make sure your website and social media channels are as strong as they could be. Where possible, also integrate any third-party trusted review websites for independent credibility. Make sure you look appealing and highly professional so that the brand can find out plenty of information about who you are and what you do.

7. Be open
If necessary, start with an open-ended conversation and see where things lead. These types of commercial arrangements can take time and effort to put into place, so view the ongoing discussion as a mutually-beneficial investment that is well worth making.

With these steps in place, you can greatly enhance your chance of getting to work with other great brands in your industries of choice.