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How to handle your brand marketing during the pandemic?

During a crisis, particularly one that has never been felt on such a global scale, it can be difficult for marketers to know precisely how to approach brand marketing and identify where to focus their efforts. There are many benefits that working with a professional digital agency in Hull can bring to businesses like yours, so let’s take this opportunity to explore some in a bit more detail.

Lean into agility with a digital agency in Hull

From adjustments to new remote working arrangements and people turning inwards to focus on protecting themselves, their families and communities, to marked shifts in consumer behaviour that have seen purchasing drivers shift and a sharp upward trend towards entertainment and escapism, it is safe to say that a lot of things have changed in a short amount of time.

Now, some of these changes are likely to be temporary, however some are predicted to become part of our collective new normal. More people, for example, have become more accustomed to technology and increasing numbers of consumers feel more confident purchasing from unfamiliar brands online. This confidence is only set to continue to grow, meaning businesses need to adapt to ensure they are consistently well placed to serve their customer base and meet ever-evolving needs.

In order to effectively adjust your creative messaging in line with changing circumstances and behaviours, it is essential to devise operating models that will help you to do this authentically. Nike adjusted its messaging to ‘Play inside, play for the world’, while Adobe quickly took steps to make its Creative Cloud available to schools, making education easier for both students and teachers. Successfully associating your brand with something good at a time like this will ensure people remember you for the right reasons.

The importance of transparency and empathy

At a time when many people are feeling vulnerable and concerned, demonstrating empathy is vital. After recognising that a lot of their customers were facing financial difficulties, some banks have taken steps to waive certain fees, remote working platforms provided some of their services for free in a bid to help businesses embrace new working practices efficiently, and small businesses in the world over worked day and night to ensure their customers had access to the products and services that would make their lives a bit easier.

During times like these, striking the right balance between going above and beyond and ensuring that you can keep the promises you are making is critical. Now is not the time to take a commercially exploitative avenue and, instead, brands that are leaning into longevity and focusing on wellbeing are faring particularly well.

Remember, if you are not sure what you should be doing all of the time, you are far from alone. We are living through highly changeable circumstances, but working closely with Eyeweb one of the leading digital agency in Hull will help you to avoid uncertainty-induced decision paralysis and consistently take proactive steps towards refining your approach to brand marketing.