Is a mobile friendly website the most important digital marketing tool?

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Since #Mobilegeddon, marketers and web designers have been trying to combat the effects of one the biggest Google algorithm changes in recent times.

But just how important is it, and how does it compare to the likes of SEO, PPC and social media as a marketing tool.



Yes, it is the most important...

It is very easy to sit on the fence when a question such as this is asked, and it is understandable why. There are so many essential components of a successful campaign that it is difficult to say which is the most important. SEO improves your long-term organic traffic, PPC can gain you instant, relevant website traffic and social media is expanding every day, becoming more and more important as a business tool.

That being said; consider what the purpose of your website is. E-commerce websites want to provide a sales service, whereas non-profit sites want to provide information to as many people as possible. Statistically speaking, over 40% of people are using your service on a mobile phone. If your service is not available to mobile and tablet users, that is 2/5 of the population you are not providing a service too.

 mobile responsive website

Why is being responsive more powerful than other marketing tools?

  1. Whilst other marketing techniques improve your site traffic, there is no point if they cannot use your website when they find it.
  2. Without a mobile-friendly website, your rankings on a mobile device will decrease.
  3. Mobile users and mobile site traffic will only increase, therefore the number of users that your site appeals too will decrease if you’re not mobile optimised.
  4. To remain competitive within your industry
  5. It improves user experience, giving you a positive brand name and improving the likelihood of conversions and repeat business.


The perfect marketing scenario

Digital marketing is made up of so many different features, with over 200 different ranking factors for your website. Optimising your strategy to comply with as many of these ranking factors as possible ensures a successful online marketing campaign.

These features start with optimising the website; making sure it is mobile friendly, search engine friendly, the content is well-written and the navigation is user-friendly.

Then, external elements can be improved, such as the backlink profile, the domain authority and the site traffic acquisition i.e. social media.



To be successful with a digital marketing campaign is difficult, and with over 200 ranking factors, there are so many different features to consider. It is therefore crucial that the basics are considered, the main one being a mobile-friendly website.

The use of mobile phones and the algorithms associated with them are only going to increase. As the world becomes more reliant on instant information at any time and any location, it is essential that your website can provide them with the service they expect.

Is it the most important marketing tool available? Without it, you are losing out on appealing to over 40% of the population and therefore, the answer has to be yes.


Date Published: 05/06/15