How to make your restaurant's website appeal to new customers

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restaurant foodPeople often use the phrase ‘you eat with your eyes’.  As a chef or restaurant owner, you want to ensure that the presentation of your food is as impressive as the taste.

But, just as diners can judge the taste of their food by its appearance, potential customers can judge a restaurant by its website.

Having an attractive, functional and user-friendly website can influence the customer's impression of a restaurant, and the food it produces, before the food has even reached the plate.


Creating the perfect restaurant website


The Design 

responsive restaurant design

A restaurant should have an appealing website that represents the great food it serves and the atmosphere that it creates. 

What impression does a poorly designed restaurant website give? Does the poorly designed website suggest the food is a similar standard? 

First impressions with a restaurant are everything, and designing a website that looks classy, elegant and stylish is the first impression a customer is likely to get.

Take a look at how we portrayed the amazing food available using this design for The Potting Shed in Edinburgh.


Regularly updated menus

As a restaurant, a menu is one of the most important marketing tools available. A growing number of people check the food menu online before visiting a restaurant and therefore having a well-designed, easy-to-read menu is a necessity. 

With the need to upload new dishes, ingredient changes and updated photographs, having a website with an inbuilt editing system has become an essential.

With all restaurant websites that Eyeweb design, we include an editing system which allows you to simplistically update the website when necessary, whether it be a change to the menu, an upcoming event or a new blog post.

Here’s an example of how we achieved an incredibly effective, editable menu design for The Craven Heifer


The latest web technologyresponsive web design

We make sure that all new website designs are completely mobile-friendly and incorporate the latest web-technology to ensure a pleasant user experience on all devices. 

Functionality is at the forefront of our design, incorporating features such as online booking systems and contact forms. Online booking forms, in particular, have been a common feature in our latest restaurant designs, as not only do they improve the user experience for the customer, they are a simple, time-saving tool for the restaurant employees.

A rigorous design process ensures that as well as functionality, the website looks immaculate and the important features such as the menu, online booking forms and restaurant details are easily accessible.


Some of the features that you should be using in a restaurant website include: 

  • Customisable menus
  • Integrated table booking
  • Social media integration
  • Contact us pages with integrated Google Maps functionality
  • Simple, online booking forms
  • Fully responsive/mobile friendly design


Are you ready to upgrade your restaurant website?

Talk to us about upgrading your website to an attractive, mobile optimised, user/owner friendly site by contacting or calling 01482 628830.



Date Published: 06/05/15