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Say Hi to Amelia

What are you most looking forward to in your new position at Eyeweb?
I’m really looking forward to creating blog posts for clients. I love writing and am
excited to learn about different businesses and create content for them.

What keeps you busy outside of the office?
I have a 13-year-old King Charles and Poodle cross. She’s getting on a bit now,
but I like to spend as much time as possible with her -whether that’s taking her
out on a walk or reading a book with her cuddled up next to me.

What’s your favourite book?
I’m a huge book nerd, so it’s very difficult to choose just one favourite. The best
book I have read recently is Boy Parts by Eliza Clark. I’d describe it as American
Psycho for girls.

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What’s your favourite social media platform?
I probably spend the most time on Instagram. It’s easy to scroll through generally
to see what friends are up to, but I also really enjoyed using Instagram for
marketing. During university, I used Instagram to drive traffic to websites and a
digital magazine I created.

What is your most browsed website?
I would say Pinterest. I love fashion and can spend hours there looking at
outfit inspiration.

What’s your tipple?
A pint of Tiger or San Miguel, especially if I’m sitting in a sunny beer garden.

How do you like to unwind?
I would say yoga. I have been going to classes for about six months, but I like
that I can also practice at home. I think it’s important to check in with your body
and mind, and I find that it’s a good way to relax after a hectic day.

How do we get in touch with you?
Please send me an email at amelia@eyeweb.co.uk or call 01482 628830.