Our Favourite 3 SEO and Keyword Research Tools

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Here at Eyeweb, we make a lot of websites, I mean a lot of websites and whilst it’s all well and good creating a good looking and functional website, without quality content and well-managed SEO it’s likely to be a failure from the start. 

In order to maintain a healthy website, we use a wide range of tools and services to manage our client's websites, ensuring they’re constantly performing well when it comes to the ever-important Google ranking. Below you’ll find a list of just some of the SEO tools that we enjoy using here at Eyeweb.

Review Competitors and Benchmark Performance

Before we get started digging into lists and lists of keywords it’s important to set a benchmark by understanding how competitors are performing, what keywords they’re ranking for and what websites are linking back to them. This not only informs our keyword strategy but can help to define a whole digital marketing strategy for a business.

There are lots of sites available that do all the individual elements i.e. SpyFu less we download a competitors keywords, Monitor Backlinks lets us see a competitor's links etc. However, we like efficiency here and our go-to tool to see what other websites are doing is SERP Stat. 

SERPStat does it all for you, it automatically identifies your search engine competitors and allows us to directly compare the performance of their keywords whilst also showing their most optimised SEO pages.

Research Keywords and Target Position

When it comes to keyword planning and research there’s’ still not many better services out there than Google Adwords, however, after Google’s decision a few years ago to close it to the public and require an Adwords account it’s falling out of favour with many marketing agencies and digital marketers. This created an opportunity for a whole host of new services and tools to enter the market.

Whilst here at Eyeweb we still love PPC and everything about Adwords we still find it essential to utilise a range of other tools and when it comes to SEO and keyword research, Keywordtool.io is generally near the top of our list.

Keywordtool.io is a pretty fantastic freemium tool that goes a long way to matching Adwords in everything it does, granted you’ll need the paid product to experience it all, but even the free version can churn out some interesting keyword ideas and opportunities.

Understand, Monitor and Improve

Once we know what Keywords we want websites to be ranking in Google for, it’s time to monitor. Whilst there are numerous free tools out there that can help show us the top 10, 15 etc it’s likely we’re going to want to track more than this.

Again there is a wide range of choices available, with honourable mention going out to SEM Rush, Search Metrics and obviously, MOZ however, when it comes to keyword rank tracking Agency Analytics is our winner.

Agency Analytics tells you everything you want to know about keywords and their current search engine performance. With daily updates, Google Maps ranking, SEM Rush keyword research built in and even more useful tools and services it really is the ultimate one-stop shop for managing keywords and monitoring their performance.


This is by no means a best-of list, it’s simply an insight into the wide range of SEO and keyword tools out there, that are all vying to improve a website's performance and what we here at Eyeweb enjoy using.

If you’d like to know more about our SEO and Marketing services simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk to you. 

Date Published: 28/10/16