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Passing an apprenticeship with Eyeweb

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Author: Paul

Get to know Tyler as he graduates from marketing apprentice to digital assassin.

You will often see him out at Spiders nightclub living it up as any apprentice his age would be doing, however, Tyler has now passed his level 3 digital marketing apprenticeship and has become a fully fledged member of the Eyeweb team. In this blog, we talk to Tyler about his time at Eyeweb and what he hopes for in the future.


Tell us a bit about yourself? 

I’m 20 and live in Swanland. I’ve always lived locally and went to the school just a few miles down the road from here at South Hunsley. Outside of work, I enjoy going to the gym as well as gaming (lots of puzzle games) and doing creative bits and pieces on Photoshop – I’m not that good at it yet, but I do really enjoy it.


What was it that attracted you to Eyeweb?

After leaving school I wanted to get straight into the digital marketing industry, to continue my studying, but also secure a job and prospects for the future. Eyeweb offered all of this, with helpful colleagues a friendly environment and space to grow and spread my wings within my role.


Do you feel like Eyeweb has helped you with your apprenticeship? 

To a great extent, yes, being able to tie in what I was learning to the work I was doing outside of study was really helpful and was key to the development of my understanding. It’s one thing to learn about a marketing practice, it’s another to put that into action and be able to experience the work first hand. I have also developed a deeper understanding of website design and development.


Is there anything about Eyeweb that you love?

I love the quality service we provide. We like to bring clients in to discuss our ideas with them, and develop tailored digital marketing plans and solutions that reach their goals. Also, the team allow me to express myself and come up with new ideas for the business. Two of these include a new bespoke landing page for our PPC campaigns and a free digital marketing review that we now offer to our customers.


How has it been working on your own clients?

Although daunting at first, I quickly became comfortable with handling my own marketing clients as I started to build relationships with them. Also, although my clients were much own my responsibility, I’ve always been encouraged to ask for the help of the team around me if I need to - helping my confidence in dealing with my own clients.


What would you suggest for anyone who is considering an apprenticeship in digital marketing?

Just do it – I can’t recommend an apprenticeship enough. Apply as much as you can and put yourself out there, even if you’re not sure whether or not you have the skills – the worst thing a company can do is say no. It doesn’t matter if you send out 100 CVs, you only need one to say yes.


What are your goals / vision for your future?

I’m looking forward to progressing within my role and continuing to develop my skills with Eyeweb. Although my apprenticeship is complete, there’s still a long way to go and I’m grateful to Eyeweb for giving me the opportunity to continue here with a full-time role.


Date Published: 12/04/19