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Say Hello to Shaun

Say Hello to Shaun, our new digital marketing lead. Shaun has joined Eyeweb with a strong background of marketing agency experience having worked on some well known company websites including Homebase, Recket Benkiser and KCOM. Shaun has over 6 years experience delivering digital marketing campaigns and websites for clients and will be heading up the marketing team. Shaun’s using his experience and passion to enhance our digital marketing offering and has plans to grow the marketing team and boost our services.

We’ve asked him some questions so you can get to know him better.



What's the most interesting campaign you’ve been involved in?

"We put together a huge survey and infographic for an SEO client which did a great job of picking up PR coverage and links. It was great to pull the team together to produce a large scale campaign and I got to geek out over the data and manipulate it into interesting graphs and observations."


Favourite marketing channel?

"SEO is my bread and butter. I've been doing technical SEO from the early days in my career and had a great opportunity to work on some really big technical sites. The landscape has changed a lot since then so I'd say that PPC is my current favourite. You can really measure the impact of your spend and prove ROI."


What’s your most browsed website?

"I’ve replaced a lot of my TV time with YouTube, so you’ll find me watching cooking shows, gaming highlights or space documentaries when I get a chance to relax in the evening."


What 3 course meal would you cook if you went on come dine with me?

"I really love middle-eastern cooking, especially spicy thai food. So i’d say thai fish cakes and sweet chilli starter, a red thai curry for main and a nice ice cream and coconut sorbet to cool things down for dessert."


You’re stuck on a desert island, what 3 items do you take with you?

"I’m a huge audio nerd and spend a good amount of my free time DJing so I'd take my laptop (with my tune library), my speakers and my decks."


What are you most looking forward to in your new position at Eyeweb?

"I would say that I'm looking forward to working with the great range of clients that Eyeweb partners with. It’s great to meet new people, get to understand new businesses, and come up with unique strategies to help them."


How can we get hold of you?

"You can reach me any time on shaun@eyeweb.co.uk or call the office on 01482 628830."