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The world of social media and Facebook, in particular, have grown rapidly since its invention on February 4th, 2004. It is now estimated that 1.35 billion users are active on Facebook every month.

But users aren’t just using Facebook to share adorable pictures of cats…

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Millions of businesses throughout the world are using Facebook to promote their services, products and brand name. You can give your brand a personality, show off your new products and interact with your customers with great ease. But how do you appeal to more and more Facebook users?


Facebook Reach

A question I get asked a lot is usually something like:

“Why does my reach on my Facebook posts vary so much”


“Yesterday my post reached 5,000 people but today I only reached 1,000, why?”

The answer to these questions can become very complex, and so in 2014, Facebook introduced their very own analysis system called Audience Insights.

The purpose of Audience Insights is to give you as much information as possible about your posts, your followers, the people that are engaging with you and what time of the day your posts are most likely to succeed.



It is very easy to get lost in the amount of data that Facebook can provide and details such as geographical locations, the age groups of your followers and their gender may be irrelevant to your Facebook marketing strategy. Establishing exactly which traits are relevant to you and appealing to these is the key to a successful campaign.


That still doesn’t really answer my question about Facebook reach…

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Whilst Facebook created Audience Insights to provide a better understanding of your audience, that doesn’t necessarily tell you why your reach can vary so much. 

Well, much like Google, Facebook has its own set of algorithms to determine what your followers want to see. If a Facebook page dedicated to sport posted an image from a flower show, you would imagine a large percentage of the page’s followers wouldn’t be interested. (No offence to any flower arranging rugby players out there!)

Facebook has become very adept in the way it uses these algorithms and, as algorithms should be, they are difficult to master.


The best Facebook tips I could give to gain a higher reach are: 

  1. Spend some time looking through Audience Insights – It has been put there for a reason and you can learn some very interesting things about your audience and how you can appeal to them.
  1. Try to include media in your posts – Images, Videos, GIFs, Vines; anything that engages your audience. Users would much rather see a product you are trying to promote than a 200-word product description. 
  1. What does your audience want to see? Don’t post something just for the sake of it. Make sure that the post actually adds value to your Facebook page, make sure that it is relevant to your followers but make super sure that you don’t over-use it. You don’t want to lose followers because you have become repetitive and boring. 
  1. Boost/Promote your posts – You can boost a Facebook post from as little as £3 a day and, although the process may seem daunting, Facebook has made it very simplistic. £3 can get you an estimated reach of up to 3,800 people, which could be a very cheap investment for your business. 
  1. Experiment – At the end of the day, it is your Facebook page and you should try some of the features that are available. Run a competition and offer a prize every so often. Boost a post and analyse the reach it achieves. Create a relevant video and post it… Don’t be too scared to try something different - It may produce results you didn't expect. 

A lot to take in? If you have any questions about using Facebook for your business, get in touch.

Date Published: 23/04/15