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We’ll Make LinkedIn Work for Your Business

Here at Eyeweb we’re huge advocates of using social media to generate leads, engage decision-makers, and nurture mild interest so that it converts into an ongoing sales relationship. LinkedIn is at the heart of effective social media marketing, as it’s where your audience hangs out and offers multiple opportunities to start a conversation.

Designing content for LinkedIn

Making LinkedIn reflect your business and bring a strong return on investment is far easier said than done. Aside from requiring a lot of time and focus, your content needs to be written, designed and delivered in a way that suits the preferences and interests of your target audience. This is where we come in.


We’re LinkedIn specialists

Taking on Eyeweb to manage your LinkedIn company page is a strategic move, guaranteed to bring tangible results in terms of both brand image and customer engagement. Our digital marketing experts understand exactly how to get the most from social media, helping clients reach their key buyer personas and begin shimmying them through your sales funnel.


What will it achieve?

The results are often extremely impressive, as the activity is shaped around your core objectives and can instantly adapt to new goals and markets. Combine this with pay-per-click advertising and you have at your disposal a powerful means of pinpointing key decision makers, followed by the opening of a direct communication channel for offering solutions to people’s unique problems.

There are multiple other benefits that an active, responsive and downright awesome LinkedIn company page will bring to your business, such as…


Brand exposure

The most obvious advantage of LinkedIn is the ability to get your brand in front of a wider audience. The basic level is to create a company page and then link your personal profile to it under the ‘Experience’ section, making sure that all other employees do the same. This places your brand in front of countless users who will browse the profiles of your workforce over time.

However, daily page activity will mean the difference between being present and being seen.


Thought leadership

It’s not all about getting the company name and logo out there, as this will only go so far. People want to know the brand's philosophy, mission, and actions, so your company page is the perfect place to share insightful updates, advice, and thoughts.

This can be done by regularly adding content, such as text posts, images, videos, and links to more in-depth content on your website. As well as increasing your reach, regular content also drives additional web traffic from people within your target audience.



LinkedIn remains the go-to platform for those who are seeking new opportunities. Listing available roles on your company page will help improve the quality of applications and increase the likelihood of users checking your feed more often. This makes the recruitment process much smoother and can also reduce its associated costs.


Marketing and sales

LinkedIn is a great place to showcase whatever you have to offer. From products and services, to special events that you’re holding either physically or online, your company page is a free method of gathering interest.

The key is to not come across too salesy – instead, try to solve problems that your buyer personas may encounter on a daily basis, then clearly explain how your company can solve them.


Employee engagement

An often neglected factor of LinkedIn is the opportunity to really engage your employees. Your business is a place where new ideas are expressed, milestones are reached and individuals demonstrate their strengths, so use LinkedIn as a place for talking about personal achievements and sharing behind the scenes content.

Company pages that celebrate staff always gain more traction, especially when showing the faces behind the brand. We’re talking everything from birthdays and work anniversaries to charity work and volunteering, and don’t be afraid to also share everyday moments that reflect your rich company culture.


Credibility and trust

Companies that post regularly to LinkedIn earn more credibility amongst their client bases, simultaneously breeding trust with those who are yet to make a purchase. Showing the world how much knowledge, experience and innovation comes together to make your offering a reality is the most valuable form of advertising, plus case studies and customer testimonials are worth their weight in gold.


In-depth search feature

LinkedIn’s search feature is excellent, giving you the ability to find people across every sector and with any job title you can imagine. This can help you to connect with relevant users through your own profile and strike up worthwhile conversations, followed by an invitation to follow your company page so that they can see what makes your business tick.

Don’t have the time to do this? We can manage your personal LinkedIn profile as well as your company page!


Collaboration and recognition

Thanks to LinkedIn company pages allowing you to tag other pages, you can share testimonials, images and updates relating to brands and organisations closely linked to your own. Whether it’s a case of tagging a business partnership, a charity you’re supporting or a supplier that goes above and beyond, they’ll appreciate you bringing them into the spotlight.


Search engine optimisation

Last but by no means least, LinkedIn company pages contribute to your brand’s ranking on Google and other search engines. Providing that you post frequently and include keywords and hashtags where suitable, this additional SEO activity will generate extra traffic directly to your website.


We can help

We’re can-do digital marketing agency that can create a strategic social media plan and manage your social media channels to full effect. To get started, give us a ring on 01482 628830 or fill in our contact form.