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What are the Best Digital Marketing Hacks to Increase Sales?

As the digital landscape changes so frequently, it can sometimes feel as though every new month delivers a series of new marketing hacks that can be integrated into a wider strategy to leverage tangible results and deliver a stronger return on investment (ROI). Whether you’re a new small business and want to secure your first sales or an established company looking to drive more qualified leads, the right digital marketing services can ensure that you stand out for all the right reasons.

The Components of a Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy

To ensure that your marketing strategy is set for meaningful growth, it is imperative to understand:

- Which channels will help you to secure high-quality leads?
- Which tactics will deliver the best ROI?
- How much do you want to invest in digital marketing?
- How are you going to measure success?

In addition to ensuring the foundations of your strategy are in place, it is critical to verify that your strategy is primed to work with Google’s algorithm to secure a prominent place in relevant search engine results pages (SERPs). So, let’s look at a few marketing hacks that will help you to outperform your competitors and capitalise on the increased leads you will be able to secure.

Optimise your Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing has been around for some time and it certainly isn’t going anywhere. Your email strategy should be closely aligned with your buyer journey and ensure that all potential leads are effectively nurtured.

The process of optimising your email strategy has several stages and should include:

- Positioning your content around the different lead lifecycle phases
- Activate lead scoring to monitor what drives engagement and progression to the next lead lifecycle phase

Segmenting and personalising your email strategy is one of the most effective ways to drive tangible results. For example, the ability to deliver discount codes directly to customers who have abandoned their cart before completing their purchasing journey is a highly effective tool to capture lost sales and boost revenue.

Leverage the Power of AIDA

The Attention, Interest, Desire and Action strategy was developed in 1898 and it is still helping businesses to leverage strong results today. From capturing audience attention by ensuring they understand that your business has a solution to their issue through to prompting a customer to take action and purchase your product/service, the AIDA formula is tried and tested across a range of marketing channels.

Lean Into Video with Support from Digital Marketing Services

By 2021, video content is primed to account for more than 80% [1] of all online consumer traffic. Professional digital marketing services can help your business to leverage the potential of video and develop new and innovative ways to connect with your ideal audience. From interactive live video that will promote conversation to behind-the-scenes glimpses of your everyday operation, video content can be highly engaging and extremely persuasive, thus making it a powerful component of a robust digital marketing strategy.