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What is artificial intelligence (AI) in digital marketing?

One thing businesses soon realise when they migrate to the web is how hard it is to target your marketing. Ecommerce marketing in the past tended to have a spray-wide and hope for the best attitude, sending spam to almost (or literally) random email addresses and struggling to rank high in global search engines, even when their real prospects were niche or local.

To solve that conundrum, you need to gather data - lots of it - and be able to extract actionable information about markets and customers. Neither has been easy.

Firstly, most offline businesses gather limited data and what they do is siloed in a variety of places. Then when you succeed in achieving rich unified data resources, asking the right questions of so much data is a daunting task for human analysts.

Small businesses are the most likely to lack sufficient data and encounter the consequences when they burn through their Adwords budget. Pay per click marketing is highly dependent on accurate focus and high conversion rates. In other words, you need market intelligence to get the right clicks and to tailor an effective customer journey.

AI will change marketing forever

An early pioneer of department store retailing John Wanamaker is credited with saying: ‘Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half’. Those days will soon be over. Once trained on good data, artificial intelligence algorithms make sure you put the right product in front of the right person at the right time. Our Hull marketing agency can explain the steps you need to leverage this power.

In addition to simply matching customers to products, AI has many applications in collecting good data, and in enhancing that vital customer experience on your website.

If you also operate bricks-and-mortar shops a good example of the former is optical recognition. Instead of operating a CCTV network that does very little, you can link it to an AI capable of recognising faces. You can then identify your loyal customers, their interests and their aversions. That profiling information can then be used to tailor your physical store as well as your online one and improve your outreach.

An example of an AI that improves customer experience is the chatbot. AI-powered chatbots are almost indistinguishable from humans. That means you can create a personal touch 24/7 without manpower costs. You can also recognise returning customers and greet them by name.

Our Hull marketing agency

The irony is that even in post-COVID days when everyone is accustomed to shopping, working and communicating online it still helps to see a human face. AI may change even that one day, but until then companies in the Hull area will probably prefer to reach out to a Hull marketing agency. Our accessibility is important and it helps us to understand the local climate in which you operate. It is a global jungle out there, but we are all in it together.