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What is Social Media Marketing?

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Author: Tyler

Social Media Marketing in a Nutshell

Online marketing guru, Neil Patel, describes social media marketing in the following terms:
“Social media marketing is the process of creating content that is tailored to the context of each individual social media platform, in order to drive user engagement and sharing.”

At Eyeweb, our team think it’s a fair description, but would go one step further – we reckon it’s the process of creating and promoting the right content, to the right people, on the right social media platforms to help an organisation achieve its objectives and commercial goals.

These goals could be:

• Increasing brand awareness
• Creating/growing an audience
• Promoting key sales messages/products
• Driving brand engagement and enhancing online reputation
• Building a strong and cohesive online brand

What Does Social Media Marketing Entail?

Social Media Marketing is an art, and it’s constantly changing to cater for the emergence of new platforms, features and technology.

Here are a few of the key elements:

Social Media Strategy

Like in all marketing, every great social media marketing programme is underpinned by a strong strategy.

This starts with:

• Identifying objectives and goals
• Identifying audience and their preferred social media platforms
• Choosing channels and tactics
• Creating a content strategy
• Competition and content analysis
• Measuring engagement and reach
• Reporting on goals

Content marketing

Content is the fuel that powers social media marketing. Whether it’s unique, high quality, interesting content you create yourself, or carefully curated content shared across your platform, content is king. Having the right content (and sharing it at the right time and in the right places) is a cornerstone of any effective social media marketing programme.

Content might include:

• News and blogs
• Images/photo galleries
• Case studies, reviews and testimonials
• Infographics and polls
• Q&As, FAQs, interviews and bios
• Research and data
• Memes, cartoons and comics
• Ebooks, guides and webinars
• Event promotions and competitions
• Games and quizzes
• Product demos and tools
• Timelines and histories
• Video content and podcasts

The trick is matching the right content to your target audience!


Social media is a two-way platform, and engaging the network in a conversation is integral to social media marketing success.

Whether you’re using a page as a forum, utilising the wall and messaging service as part of customer service/problem solving, or simply engaging with your audience through conversation and messaging, interaction on social media is a great way of influencing opinion.


Outreach/Influencer marketing

Many businesses don’t have enough of an audience or enough influence to achieve their goals – influencer marketing is the process of tapping into thought leaders, recognisable names and big players on your platforms, and leveraging their influence for your goals.

One retweet, the right product placement, outreach content and endorsements from a big influencer can deliver real value to a social media marketing campaign.

Why do you need Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing has the power to deliver real, measurable business benefits to every organisation, including:

• Increasing brand awareness, authority and recognition
• Driving relevant inbound web traffic
• Monitoring and influencing customer sentiment
• Boosting SEO rankings
• Improving conversion rates
• Increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty

One of the other key benefits of social media marketing is that it is measurable – it’s possible to track reach and audience engagement, and to gain valuable customer insight. This business intelligence can then inform your future strategy and wider marketing activity, both on and offline.

Expert Social Media Marketing Support from Eyeweb

Is your social media marketing working for your business? Do you want to engage with your audience, influence opinion and do more business online?

At Eyeweb, our online marketing experts have an excellent track record of supporting businesses with effective social media marketing. Managing platforms, creating effective content and monitoring the effectiveness of activity, we will deliver campaigns designed to help your business achieve its commercial goals.

For additional information, or to arrange a free, no obligation Social Media Marketing consultation, please get in touch by calling 01482 628830, or by emailing today.



Date Published: 26/09/17