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Why companies are outsourcing web development?

The outsourcing of ICT functions is increasingly popular among companies of all types and sizes. One element that many organisations look at outsourcing is their web development.

What 'web development' covers?

Web development is a catch-all term that covers the building, creating, designing and maintaining of a website. It also includes programming and some database management.

What are the options?

When it comes to websites, there are three popular options. The first is to use a WYSIWG website builder, the second is to use a CMS (like WordPress or Drupal), and the third is to build a site from scratch using programme code such as HTML, PHP or JavaScript. The third option is where outsourcing can be most useful because there are thousands of companies who have this expertise and can offer bespoke web development services.

What are the advantages of outsourcing web development?

Cost savings

This is a key benefit. Outsourcing web development can result in significant savings on payroll, equipment, training and more. You will only pay for what you need in terms of hours spent on it, so wasted time will be limited.


Companies offering web development services will have adequate resources to begin projects immediately and complete them quickly. This is in contrast to in-house teams where there are often backlogs and issues with absences etc.


Web development firms tend to have specialists in various elements within the field, including accessibility, usability and information architecture. Such a range of expertise is hard to find in-house or in one individual.

Up-to-date solutions

External providers of web development will be in a position to determine which emerging technologies could most benefit your business. They will keep up-to-date on regulations, trends and new developments because doing so is crucial to their existence.

What are the downsides?

The main potential downsides around opting to outsource web development are:

A lack of control: You are handing a significant element of your company identity (and valuable data) to an outsider.

Communication issues: Communication channels may be hard to establish initially.

Lack of relevant industry experience: While many web developers will have made sites for a range of types of business, they may well lack the expertise and knowledge that an in-house team can offer. They will not be familiar with your organisational culture, products, history etc.

Morale: Outsourcing is a touchy subject and can be threatening to existing employees. Therefore, opting for such an arrangement can negatively impact on employee morale.

What to look for in a provider of web development services?

When assessing web development services the key things to look for before selecting one should be:

  • Price

  • Expertise levels/accreditations

  • Support provided/responsiveness

  • Security and compliance

  • Flexibility

Web development is one of many expertise that businesses are looking at outsourcing. The main benefits are linked to costs, skillset and flexibility, while the downsides appear minimal but can depend upon the existing structure, nature and culture of the organisation like Eyeweb.