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Creating impactful content

Client Overview

Awair is an international consulting firm and Hogan Assessment distributor. Awair is qualified to provide Hogan workshops and assessments to help business leaders identify talent.

What we did

Website design

Identify target market

Content writing

Link-building / digital PR Campaigns

Identifying the target market and their interests

Understanding your target market is vital for the success of any business. In order to increase Awair’s reach, we identified their audience and where their audience spends time online.


After finding key industry resources of interest to Awair’s target audience, we created content that they would find useful and take interest in. In this case, the content designed and created was for a technical whitepaper to submit to these publications.


The publication of the whitepaper has resulted in 47 leads in just one month.

Unique website design

Awair rebranded their global business prior to working with Eyeweb with a stand out bold artistic design. We wanted to let this bleed into the website but also make it relevant to their business and target market. Utilising large block shapes and patterns we created a design that complimented their rebrand and also voice their services.

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