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Beal Homes

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Client Overview

Beal Homes are a home builders in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. They are a family-run business at heart, driven by a passion for creating dream homes for their customers. They offer unique buildings that you can make to your liking.

What we did

We collaborate closely with Beal Homes, strategically employing online creative design and development to ensure the achievement of their targets. Our primary focus revolves around crafting immersive experiences for their customers, with the ultimate aim of driving property viewings and boosting sales.

Our services encompass:

  1. Website Design:

  2. Website Development:

  3. UX Reviews and Suggestions

Design Lounge

The Design Lounge stands as Beal's flagship unique selling point, showcasing a spacious area within their offices where individuals can explore diverse property designs. Given the significance of this space to their business, it was imperative that the landing page accurately conveyed its importance. To achieve this, we crafted a distinctive design that instantly captivates website visitors through a compelling video presentation. The journey continues with dynamic mood boards, a canvas Beal can update as needed to stay on trend, ensuring the online representation of the Design Lounge remains as vibrant and evolving as the physical space itself.

Property Search

We implemented a sophisticated property search feature within the Beal Homes platform, allowing users to effortlessly filter properties based on bedrooms and locations. The results page has been designed for user convenience, providing a seamless and intuitive overview of available properties. Quick click-through areas enable users to swiftly access detailed information about each property, enhancing the overall user experience and facilitating efficient navigation through the available listings.

Homepage and navigation

We are dedicated to continuously supporting Beal Homes in their online endeavors, providing comprehensive UX/UI reviews seamlessly integrated with their marketing strategies. In pursuit of an enhanced user experience, we revamped the navigation and homepage hero area, weaving a compelling narrative around the process of purchasing a Beal Home. The result is a fresher, cleaner design that not only captivates visitors but also simplifies navigation with a user-friendly layout. Our collaborative efforts strive to present a digital environment that not only aligns with Beal Homes' brand identity but also ensures a seamless and engaging journey for users exploring their properties.

Jamie Barrington

Beal Homes

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Due to the fast-moving nature of our business with ever-changing demands, we were looking for a forward thinking web development team that always kept their finger on the pulse. Not only do Eyeweb fit this bill for us, but their ability to navigate through the complexities of our business requirements, with innovative style, and to deliver it to set deadlines has been a breath of fresh air. Thanks to all the team at Eyeweb and we look forward to building on this strong relationship.

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