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Increasing web traffic and brand awareness using SEO and social media

Client Overview

GWS Global Warehousing & Storage offers experienced and reassuring product handling services, secure warehouses and external storage spaces within 1 mile of Immingham Port.

What we did

Launch social media profiles

Social media content management

SEO campaign

Optimise landing page content

Blogging strategy

Link-building / digital PR campaigns

Increasing traffic with an SEO-optimised website

In a competitive industry, having your website appear in organic search results is crucial for increasing website traffic and business leads.

To improve GWS’s SEO value, we researched what keywords their target audience would search for. We then optimised the content on the website’s landing pages and created a detailed blogging strategy to target these keywords.

We also produced link-building campaigns and digital PR to increase GWS’s website’s authority. This has resulted in an increase of 412.5% in website users between March to July.

Starting social media

As part of our marketing strategy for GWS, we launched a LinkedIn profile and created and managed the content posted. All social media posts are cohesive with GWS’s branding and demonstrate the company’s knowledge of their field or highlight their staff’s personality and achievement.


This increases brand awareness, focuses attention on GWS’s knowledge of the industry, and highlights its expert and approachable staff.

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