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Hull Children's University

Hull Children's University

Client Overview

Hull Children's University is a charitable organization based in Hull, dedicated to cultivating opportunities for children in the region. Through collaborations with local businesses, they offer diverse and engaging experiences, providing children with exposure to both professional and enjoyable pursuits.

What we did

We've launched a dynamic digital refresh for the Hull branch, crafting a vibrant and engaging identity tailored for eye-catching marketing and beyond. The website now showcases a myriad of features, including user-friendly informational pages for schools seeking more details and personalized bespoke pages like 'Meet the Team' to add a personal touch.

Bespoke design

The HEYCU website provides a fully customized design tailored specifically for their team, seamlessly integrated with our robust website editor. Empowering their team, the platform facilitates effortless addition of new events, updating team information, sharing the latest news, and managing FAQs—all readily accessible and easy to implement.

Built for them

The website features a visually appealing design with high-quality images and videos that effectively showcase their work, events, and the impact they have had on children's lives. Testimonials from beneficiaries, volunteers, and partners are prominently displayed, creating an emotional connection and illustrating the tangible outcomes of their efforts.

Donation and Volunteer Call-to-Actions

Throughout the website, we've strategically placed attention-grabbing calls-to-action for donations and volunteer opportunities. The use of contrasting colors and compelling language draws visitors' attention to these key elements. Transparent information about how donations are utilized and the specific impact they can make is readily available.

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