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Juice Motors

Content creation portfolio for Juice Motors

Client Overview

Juice Motors stands out as a dynamic YouTube content creation team, uniquely situated with their own garage where they craft distinctive, one-of-a-kind Land Rover Defenders. Garnering a substantial following across various popular social media platforms, they engage their audience by documenting and sharing the step-by-step progress of their bespoke vehicle builds. From Instagram to YouTube, Juice Motors captivates viewers with a compelling showcase of their craftsmanship, establishing a strong online presence in the automotive enthusiasts' community.

What we did

We were entrusted with the challenge of crafting a completely unique design, and the Juice team generously granted us creative freedom to elevate visual elements while maintaining a clean and minimalistic design. To effectively showcase the pinnacle of their craftsmanship, they required a website that mirrored the dedication and meticulous attention to detail invested in their work. The outcome is a digital platform that not only encapsulates the essence of Juice Motors' exceptional creations but also reflects the time and passion they devote to their craft.

Featured content areas

Juice envisioned a distinctive and polished method for documenting and presenting their meticulously crafted cars. In response, we developed a dedicated portfolio page, providing an elegant showcase for each vehicle. This includes comprehensive photo shoots, seamlessly linked YouTube videos, and additional essential car information. Furthermore, the website serves as a platform to highlight limited-edition cars available for sale. These pages are thoughtfully designed to mirror the unparalleled passion that Juice pours into each project, ensuring that the online presentation aligns seamlessly with the exceptional quality of their one-of-a-kind creations.

eCommerce store

Juice recognized the importance of an online merchandise store and tasked us with creating a boutique platform seamlessly integrated into their website using Shopify. Leveraging the user-friendly features of Shopify along with our internal development tools, we provided Juice with a dynamic space to effortlessly organize and promote their latest merchandise offerings. This bespoke online store not only enhances the user experience for customers but also empowers Juice with a streamlined solution for managing and showcasing their merchandise, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing online shopping experience.

  • The website we designed for Juice Motors reflects their dedication and attention to detail, capturing the essence of their exceptional craftsmanship.

  • A dedicated portfolio page was created to showcase cars, featuring full photoshoots, linked YouTube videos, and essential car information.

  • The website also includes pages highlighting limited-edition cars available for sale, designed to mirror the passion invested in each project.

  • To meet Juice's need for online merchandise sales, we integrated a boutique store into their website using Shopify, providing a user-friendly platform for organizing and promoting new merchandise.

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