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Various work created for the NHS

Client Overview

The NHS, as the cornerstone of the UK's national healthcare system, collaborates closely with NHS Humber to serve the healthcare needs of our local community in the Humber area. Our engagements extend beyond direct interactions with the NHS to encompass partnerships with various local entities, including charities and other outlets. Whether procuring resources through charitable channels or directly from the NHS, our collaborative efforts are aimed at ensuring the well-being and health of the community we serve in the Humber region.

What we did

We work closely with the NHS team and are integral to many key areas be it internal tools or full facing websites.

  • Website design

  • Website development

  • Research and usability

  • Maintenance of 15+ NHS websites

Benefits website

Working closely with the NHS internal benefit and blue card team we created a website that can showcase full time or seasonal offers, this is to encourage not only internal current NHS employees to see what is available but also be a feature for prospected new employees.

100k Walk

Collaborating closely with their internal health priority team, we developed a bespoke internal website designed to inspire employees to set personal walking goals, either independently or as part of a group. This platform not only facilitates the seamless linking of chosen charities but also provides a user-friendly interface for effortlessly recording their accumulated miles. Our tailored solution aims to promote a culture of well-being, encouraging individuals and groups within the organization to embark on fulfilling and health-conscious walking initiatives while contributing to charitable causes.

Charitable Efforts

Additionally, we've been actively involved in Health Stars, a collaborative initiative with Smile and the NHS. This program encourages the submission of 'wishes' or suggestions from NHS employees and the public aimed at enhancing structures or proposing ideas for overall service improvement. Health Stars subsequently organizes and showcases charity events on the website, providing a transparent view of these initiatives with the hope of securing funds to fulfill the identified goals and aspirations.

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