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PF Modular

Increasing web visibility and leads through SEO campaigns.

Client Overview

Since 2005, PF modular has been supplying portable and modular building solutions. Their buildings are high quality, modern and sustainable, a must for today’s eco-focused industries.

What we did

SEO campaigns

Website audit

Revamped content

Link-building / digital PR campaigns

Industry advertisements

New website sections

SEO Campaigns that make a difference

Since the start of the project, PF modular has seen impressive growth in visibility for their target keywords. From 6.2% at the start of the campaign to over double at 12.5% nearly 12 months later. As a result, their organic traffic has also doubled, and their lead generation followed suit.

Leads from the right target audience

As part of the content campaigns, we have acquired links and mentions in relevant industry publications that we have identified their target clients are reading. This ensures we are getting PF Modular's brand and campaign messaging in front of the right people, such as the construction industry or education magazines readerships.  

Richard Crawford

PF Modular

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Having used other SEO companies in the past I had always been disappointed with the results and their lack of understanding of our business. From the moment I engaged with Eyeweb the communications and structured approach to reach pre –agreed goals has been a revelation.

Improvement in content and SEO results are exciting and allows me to focus on the day to day operations of running the business.

I’m always looking forward to the monthly catch up and discussions with the Eyeweb team.

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