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Eyeweb Welcomes Brit McKeever to the Team

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When our owner, Paul Scott began his search for the next Digital Marketing Executive at Eyeweb, he had many credentials in mind. They needed to be skilled based on the existing services Eyeweb provides – SEO, PPC, E-mail Marketing and Social Media. They also needed to have a “think outside the box” approach, a flair for people relations, be organised and they, of course, needed to know what they were talking about. Amongst these many attributes, there was one crucial piece that his perfect candidate needed to have if they were going to add to their already highly successful team. Eyeweb has been providing digital services and web solutions for the past 15 years and with the industry growing substantially each year, Eyeweb has found it the key ingredient to keep ahead of the market when it comes to its services. “We've been doing this for years and in that time, we've seen online strategies change dramatically. Our practices and methods are as up-to-date as it gets. We only create awesome things!” Paul Scott proudly states this to all his clients. With that, Paul wanted the newest member of the team to be current. Creative. Cultured.


Enter, Britni McKeever. Brit is a born and bred Canadian from the western province of Alberta. Recently, she moved to Hull to be with her English husband and begin their life together. Brit has an extensive background in marketing that began in 2008. She has worked in several industries, giving her a broad knowledge of business and how to market each one. Brit has accomplished many achievements in her career, the most recent was winning a trip to abroad for her entry to a marketing campaign last year. Being an effective self-starter, Brit plans to bring her vast experience and love for business to Eyewebs team, helping them continue to expand exponentially.


Brit has already laid out several initiatives to some of her new clients at Eyeweb. She looks forward to networking on behalf of Eyeweb, expanding Eyewebs brand and most importantly being go-to for all of Eyeweb's and its client's marketing needs. Eyeweb welcomes Brit and is very excited to have her on board. They look forward to seeing how her cultural mix will benefit the team and can’t wait to roll out her diverse ideas!    


If you would like to discuss your marketing with Brit you can contact her via or by calling our office. 

Date Published: 02/08/17