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Eyewebs New Website Design for 20th Anniversary

For Eyeweb’s 20th anniversary, we decided to update our existing website with a brand overhaul, refreshing our four-year-old logo and brand image. We speak to our lead designer Chris all about it.

Working in website design, you are constantly creating work for other businesses. As a designer, I want to improve their look and feel, making sure their targets are achieved. I want to create a brand image that the company can develop and grow with for many years to come and accurately reflect their values. 

Our Original Web Design

The current Eyeweb brand was fine when we first created it in 2016. The yellow slashes instantly became part of our identity. However, over time we developed a love for our font Galano, a geometric sans in the tradition of Futura, Avant-Garde, Avenir and alike. It has a current streak resulting from harmonising width and height, evident in the lowercase letters, from supporting legibility. 

Over the past five years, we have been collecting a library of testimonials from our clients, and we wanted to show this off more because our old website couldn't facilitate this. We wanted to show our great work, the scale of our jobs, and our ongoing projects. Some of our projects with businesses have been going on for 10 years and more. 

Consistency In Design

We internally decided to update our logo font to kickstart the Eyeweb brand. Now our complete identity is consistent and legible.

It is hard for an agency to work on its own identity and website. We may throw up an additional landing page, project reveals, or blog, but to commit to creating an updated brand and website is something that we in the design industry sometimes find hard. I like the analogy of a busy hairdresser never having time to cut their own hair, so they are left having to improve it over time, little bits here and there.

Our New Web Design

The new website design was ignited by wanting to showcase this great work, results, and passion. 

It is essential our agency culture is showcased, so areas like the about us page represent the great things we get up to at Eyeweb, like charity events, gaming and more. The service pages show not only the culture but professionalism of our team. Over the 20 years Eyeweb has been around, we have grown as a business and now offer a complete digital solution from planning your brand to outputting direct marketing outputs and building large scale CRMs. We provide the whole package with a design first attitude, so we make sure everything outputted is not just a spreadsheet but a useable digital solution that your targeted market loves to use.

Contact us 

If you have looked at our new website and like what you see, get in touch to talk to our lead designer and they will be able to guide you through the process of having a new website or brand refresh for your business. You can contact us at 01482 628830 or drop us an email at hello@eyeweb.co.uk