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Business Branding

Your brand embodies your values, your product, and your goals, all wrapped up in one package. When so much is riding on first impressions, you need to ensure that your branding resonates with your target audience and that you stand out.

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Have you had your current logo, colouring or style represent your business for a few years now? It might be due an upgrade.

It is essential to adapt the style and image of your brand as your company evolves, and more importantly, your ever-developing target audience. Technologies change, and trends shift. As the state of the world develops and adjusts, what is important to your target audience changes, and it is vital to make sure you are meeting those needs with your brand values.

A viewer should know what you are about quickly, and they often feel a snap attraction to brands that speak to them. By understanding where you are where you want to be, we'll help you get there. Our expert branding services help you take ownership of your brand.

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By working out exactly what your brand means and who you are trying to attract, our team of designers can produce a semantic style guide that perfectly encapsulates what you want a potential customer to see, feel and think when encountering your business. From logo design to colour schemes and even store representation, the brand is key to all companies and gets people through the door.

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Our designers at Eyeweb have years of experience creating immersive environments for customers and experiences they remember and enjoy. Whether it's a logo redesign, website review or even print graphics, we can provide a full service in ensuring your brand is consistent throughout all your channels.

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Eyeweb have created an eye-catching unique brand.

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The Star Inn

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We are a team of web and brand designers and developers here to help make a project you are proud of

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Research & Development

It is essential to know exactly who we are working with to formulate a perfectly matched brand identity. Therefore, investigations take place with a fine-tooth comb to leave no stone unturned and no thought process unquestioned.
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Graphic Design

Our team of designers have access to numerous different software, tools, and skillsets to create engaging and unique graphic designs that can be used across your website and social media, even in the store, to promote your brand.
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Logo Design

Sometimes a logo needs a refresh to stay up to date, stay on brand and stay attractive to the target customer. By conducting extensive research and development, we produce a variety of logos to choose from, tweak and play with before making the final choice.
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The brand is all about how you make your customers feel when they encounter your product, imagery or walk into your store. With our help, you can break down the stages to ensure an appropriate experience for your ideal audience and influence their emotive actions.
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Extended brand identity

Your brand must be upheld by everyone who works for you in all document production. Therefore, we supply easy-to-follow guidelines to enforce and maintain your brand across the company to look professional and consistent in the public eye.
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Print Design

A brand is not reserved for online real estate, and our designers can ensure all components of your brand can be easily applied to printed applications and in a digital format.
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Tone of voice

Your brand says a lot about you, and in fact, it says everything about you. So we ensure you are saying exactly what you intend and communicate it through the science of colour, imagery and design elements.
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Creative Output

Our designers look at what makes your brand special, your values and your goals. Then, together we work on developing your existing ideas, so we know exactly who your ideal target customer is and what it is they are looking for.

Frequently asked questions

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and Eyeweb is here to make sure that your business makes the right one through the creation of a clear, recognisable and impactful brand identity. Effective branding goes far beyond a logo – it’s about the creation of a consistent look and feel that truly reflects your business and its values, and helps you to communicate your core values through all of your marketing materials. We work with you to gain a full understanding of your ethos, goals, marketplace and customers before crafting the perfect brand for you.

- Professional logo design and full brand concepts

- Expert mock-ups of branded print materials and stationery

- Branding that truly represents your business, its ethos and its values

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