Google Mobile Index: What Do You Need To Do?

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Recently Google has started to roll out mobile-first indexing when it comes to displaying results within its search engine, ranking websites based on their mobile content rather than their desktop counterparts.

It’s obvious that more and more of us are now using our phones or tablets to search for things online and this is only going to grow over time, so it makes sense for Google to take a mobile first approach.

Previously they have focused primarily on desktop websites, crawling and indexing them based on their content but they have in recent years started to switch this focus and are now going that one step further and focusing solely on content optimised for mobiles.

So, what do you need to do?

In all honesty, not too much, Google’s standpoint for a while now, is that websites not optimised for mobiles will not rank as well as ones that are. This is still the case and will continue to be so for the future. Most people are aware of the need to have a responsive, mobile-friendly website and therefore they will only see a minimal impact because of this.

If you have got a mobile optimised website, then you will need to make sure that you’re not trimming too much content to make it work on mobile. Make sure the pages, words and general content you want users to see or be ranked for is access to Google’s spider.

If you haven’t already got a mobile version of your website (you really should do), then Google has said not to worry, too much, as your website will still be indexed as per a mobile website. However, your website's performance is already likely to be hindered because of this.

All in all, this latest announcement is more of a good to know then a specific call to action. Saying that, if your website isn’t already fully optimised then this should act as a wake-up call to get it sorted, sooner rather than later.

Here at Eyeweb, a Hull web design agency we’d always recommend having a mobile-friendly website and this is standard practice for all our clients. So if you’re looking to optimise your website for Google’s search engine, get in touch today!

Date Published: 14/11/16