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How to write good website content & why it's important

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At Eyeweb, we love great design – but we also understand just how important web copy is.

Many people overlook the content, thinking of it as secondary to the web design – when in reality, the words are a core part of any successful website and need to be treated as such. Without quality copy, your website will never achieve its full potential, and won’t perform as it should.

Here are 6 key reasons why you need to take your copy seriously:

It tells your customers what you do!

Customers are never going to engage with your business or work with you if they don’t understand what you do, and the benefits of choosing you over the competition.

Quality web content that communicates your key messages, USPs, brand values and benefits to your customers in a clear, easy to understand fashion will help to boost conversion rates and improve the performance of your business online.

It helps you to be found online

Every successful SEO programme depends on the high-quality content, and this starts with the web copy. If you want to be found by your target customers, you need relevant, well-written web content, based on the keywords and phrases your audience is looking for.

Your content marketing, digital marketing, e-newsletters and blogging will all work much better if you start with a solid foundation of high quality, relevant and engaging web content.

It reflects on your business

The quality of your web content says a lot about your visitors. When people see well-written, clear and engaging content that suits the personality of the brand, it builds trust. Visitors gain confidence in the quality of your business, products and services, and are significantly more likely to do business with you.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. If your web copy doesn’t strike the right tone, fails to provide the right information, or is full of factual or spelling errors, customers will be turned off from your business – and you may not get a second chance.

It drives conversions

Well written website content, with strong, carefully positioned call to actions will significantly improve the conversion rate of your website, and the overall performance of your business online.

Great content resonates with your target audience, providing the right information, and a compelling reason to do business with you – and it encourages your customers to take action and get in touch with your business, there and then.

It helps to build your brand

Your web content is an integral part of the brand-building process – and setting the right tone and personality in your website's copy will help you strengthen your image and your overall brand.

Whether you want to appear professional, cutting edge, cool or quirky, the tone of your web content will influence how customers perceive your business as a whole. Poorly pitched web content that doesn’t reflect the nature or personality of your business will do more harm than good.

High-quality website content from Eyeweb

Don’t overlook your website's content – ensure that you get the copy your site needs to achieve its full potential, with high quality copywriting from Eyeweb.

Our team of professional copywriters have an excellent track record in delivering well-researched, engaging and effective website content for businesses working across a wide range of industries. Whatever your business does, and whatever you are trying to achieve, we can provide you with the winning content your beautifully designed website deserves.

For additional information about copywriting support, web design or any other digital services from Eyeweb, please get in touch by calling 01482 628830, or by emailing today.

Date Published: 17/05/17