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Morgan and Quinn Rebrand

See how we turned a dated carpet company into a modern, competitive online retailer.

Morgan and Quinn started around 30 years ago in Hull, Goole and Brough. The stores were flourishing and famous, but with the transformation of the internet, it was clear that developments needed to be in place, which is where they requested Eyeweb for brand assistance.

We assessed Morgan and Quinn, visualising how they work day to day and dug deep into who they were, how they worked and what makes them pop. Despite being close with their customers and showing a personable attitude, they wanted to appear more commercial.

We created a set of visuals for Morgan and Quinn that started with a group of hand-drawn illustrations we thought people online would find friendly and approachable. We chose this illustrative route because there was not much photography around the business to use.

The logo was a spark moment; we wanted a commercial feel for them and something instantly recognisable, and we found the form of a carpet roll blended the M and Q.

The brand is now leading not only their online stores but the stores, vans and everything else Morgan and Quinn.

"We have been working with Eyeweb for approximately seven years, and they have successfully provided perfect tech solutions. They recently produced a CRM for us to help refine our processes, and it is now being further developed to tackle all of our sales. Thanks, Eyeweb! We actively refer other contacts to Eyeweb."