Social Media for Small Businesses

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Social media has firmly established itself as a cornerstone of modern marketing, with even the smallest businesses and sole traders needing active channels in order to grow their customer base. Below are a few ways to boost your social media presence and get your brand seen by more people.


Make your social media visual

Whilst the written messages you share are very important (always check your spelling and grammar before tweeting), it’s the visual content that catches the eye. It could be product photography, team selfies, branded images, fascinating infographics, fun videos or anything else that grabs the user’s attention and stops them from scrolling past your posts.

Creating this content can be difficult and consistency is key. If you need help, we can combine our social media management service with graphic design, video production, paid advertising and much more.


Be true to your brand

When it comes to representing a small business, your social media channels are just as important as the main website. Use this as an opportunity to really get your voice and style across, which can include a range of content that shows what your business stands for and how it contributes to the improvement of its industry.

For instance, rather than just posting adverts for products and services, you can talk about how you invest in your people, recent R&D activity, your company’s values and vision, and a variety of other subject matter that adds depth and richness to your communications.


Support worthy causes

Don’t shy away from sharing news about charities and community groups that your business supports. Whether it’s an official sponsorship package, staff running a marathon in aid of an worthy cause, or a cake day that raises awareness of mental health, this kind of content is extremely valuable.

Aside from celebrating the values behind the business and showing how great it is to work there, you’ll also encourage your followers to find out more about your chosen charities. You never know, you may inspire others to also start raising money for causes that are close to your heart.


User experience is crucial

It’s very important to keep in mind that it’s called “social” media, which refers to the two-way conversations these channels were designed to host. When someone asks a question, leaves a comment or sends a direct message, it’s the responsibility of your company to respond accordingly. When social media is treated as a portal for customer service and brand advocacy, amazing things can happen.


Keep up with new features

The designers behind all of the large social media platforms are constantly switching things up by adding new features. Whether it’s related to stories, videos, tagging, stickers, gifs or something else entirely, keeping a finger on the pulse of changes to functionality helps you to maintain social media activity that’s fresh and engaging.


Stories and live video

Social media used to be just about posting images and videos to your profiles, but the Stories feature is an extremely popular way to share temporary content. This allows you to upload photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours, which is great for polished content and more spontaneous messages alike.

Stories are available on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, whereas Twitter has recently ended its Fleets feature but plans on replacing it with something else in the future. They’re a great opportunity for diversifying your content and are very popular with every demographic of user, so make the most of them as often as possible.


Interested in social media management?

Our digital marketing specialists can take this time-consuming job off your plate and help you to reach new audiences online. To find out more about social media management, give us a ring on 01482 628830 or fill in our contact form.

Date Published: 01/09/21