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Top Design, Development & Marketing Advancements of 2017

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Author: Tyler

A look at the key moments in the design, marketing and web development industry of 2017.



Adobe Sensei

In late 2017 Adobe teased a new project they had been working on named Sensei. It will be their first delve into the world of AI as they attempt to use machine learning to allow a multitude of tedious tasks to be completed in a fraction of the time. For example, the AI can look for stock images without you needing to search for them by using its machine learning to tag images with words such as ‘space’ and ‘stars’ to then look up stock photos with similar tags.

Logo changes

Throughout 2017 there have been a quite a few logo and design changes by some of the biggest companies out there such as YouTube, Converse, Calvin Klein and Kickstarter. All have moved towards a simpler and flatter design. UI’s are following the same trend as Twitter and YouTube change to a cleaner look, aiming to reduce clutter and put a greater focus on what users want to see.

InVision V7 & Studio

In December, the team at InVision released a blog teasing that they have rebuilt InVision from scratch with promises of far better performance, a unified design and better integration with their other products. Talking about their other products, InVision also announced their new project in 2017: InVision Studio. This is an alternative to Adobe XD with a few key differences, such as the ability to prototype animations and movement within apps and a far bigger focus on collaboration. Studio is due to be released in January 2018.

Adobe XD

Adobe released the first stable, non-beta, version of their XD software this year. This is used for user experience design and prototyping similar to InVision and InVision Studio. It will be interesting to watch these two developers throughout 2018 as their rival applications progress and develop side-by-side each boasting new and unique features; such as Adobe XD’s full suite of Adobe products behind it or InVision’s more focused and simpler approach.

iPhone X, Samsung S8 

This year was also the release of Apple’s new flagship mobile device, the iPhone X, and Samsung’s Galaxy S8. Both have a far greater screen to body ratio than previous devices and will likely pave the path to the future as more and more mobiles follow suit in the trend of bigger, taller screens. This means design must react appropriately as responsiveness is going to become increasingly important. This is because not all devices follow the common 16:9 ratio anymore (the iPhone X is 19.5:9 and Samsung Galaxy S8 is 18.5:9.) Responsive websites will ensure that they are displayed correctly regardless of the screen it is being viewed on.



React vs Angular

2017 is over and it would appear that the React JavaScript framework, developed by Facebook, is being used more than the Google alternative named Angular. Both have their positives and benefits dependant on what you, as a coder, like. For example, Angular offers a larger range of features, which some may like, however, React allows for fewer restrictions and more freedom. Google’s attempt at beating React will likely continue into 2018, but for now, Facebook is the clear leader.

AI Advancements

2017 was a big year for AI, there were some major advances and also major setbacks. For example, Google’s AlphaZero AI could play the game of Go at a superhuman level with only 24 hours of training and their new translate neural network has developed its own language to allow it to translate whole sentences at a time with greater accuracy. However, there were issues such as cars mistaking ‘Stop’ signs for ‘Speed Limit 45’ signs and the crash of a semi-autonomous Tesla car. However, it is certain that 2018 will be the year of AI as the development of neural networks aims to make technology smarter than ever before 

Mozilla Quantum

Mozilla has made a big move this year by completely redesigning and rebuilding their browser from scratch with an entirely new engine and theme. It now outperforms Google Chrome in a few tests as well as other browsers. Although it’s only early days for Quantum, we can expect is to get better and faster throughout 2018.

JavaScript V8

Chrome also developed the 8th version of their open-source JavaScript engine brand-new compiler pipeline, consisting of Ignition (the interpreter) and TurboFan (the optimizing compiler). Starting with V8 version 5.9, Full-codegen and Crankshaft are no longer used in V8 for JavaScript execution, since the team believes they are no longer able to keep pace with new JavaScript language features and the optimizations those features require.



Viral Marketing

2017 was the year of viral marketing with all businesses hoping to achieve the coveted status of having a viral marketing campaign. Some were successful such as a comedic ad for a 1996 Honda Accord which led to it selling on eBay for more than ten times the asking price. However, there were also marketing flops such as Burger Kings’ Whopper campaign. In the ad, an actor says, ‘Okay Google, what’s inside the Whopper burger,’ and Google Home devices would reply with a list of ingredients taken from the Wikipedia page of The Whopper. Quickly, the Wikipedia page was edited so when the ad was played, the Google devices would instead read a list of satirical ingredients rather than the actual list. In response, Google had no choice but to disable the voice command to avoid confusion. So, be careful with your marketing as not everything will work out as planned!

Live Chat

Another feature more and more businesses have adopted, especially throughout 2017, is live chat capability on their site. There are a few different websites which offer this service such as (which we use ourselves.) This is a way to allow users to get an immediate response to casual questions without needing to write a formal email, make a call or wait a long time for responses. It's the most convenient way in most cases to get a quick answer to your question by talking to someone at the business and, this is why they are becoming increasingly popular and we predict even more business will adopt this feature throughout 2018.

Date Published: 19/12/17